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An exciting news for the clubbers and night life lovers - Georgia’s capital Tbilisi joins the seven cities throughout the world
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NATO Parliamentary Assembly President: One day Georgia will join NATO
10 minutes ago
One day Georgia will become a member of NATO and before it we have to boost our cooperation, the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Paolo Alli said during his speech
36 citizens of Georgia detained in occupied regions of Georgia from January 1 to May 11
10:11 23-04-2018
19 citizens of Georgia were detained in the occupied Tskhinvali region and 16 - in the occupied region of Abkhazia for Illegal crossing of the so-called border.
According to the information
Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson : relations between Russia and Georgia are gradually improving
10:08 23-04-2018
Relations between Russia and Georgia are gradually improving, - said Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.
"When the Georgian Dream
FM- The report of the US Department of State reflects progress made by Georgia
07:50 23-04-2018
The report of the US Department of State reflects progress made by Georgia,- Georgian Foreign Minister Mikhail Janelidze told reporters in Batumi, Adjara region
Movement restricted on Armenian-Georgian border
07:45 23-04-2018
Movement is restricted on Armenian-Georgian border as the Armenian opposition has closed off streets in the village of Bagratashenshi.
As a result of it, buses, cars
FM- Georgia has never been so close to the Euro-Atlantic structures as it is today
07:42 23-04-2018
Georgia has never been so close to the Euro-Atlantic structures as it is today, - Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze told reporters at the meeting held within the frameworks of the "NATO Days"
33 minutes ago
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, along with partner diplomats, is intensively working on the issue of Georgian sailors, detained in Libya,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikheil Janelidze
56 minutes ago
Georgia will host NATO PA the 97th Rose-Roth Seminar. As IntterPressNews was informed by the Parliament of Georgia, the NATO PA the 97th Rose-Roth Seminar - “Georgia and Black Sea
10:10 23-04-2018
So-called border guards detained another citizen of Georgia near the occupation line in Gori municipality. Akaki Misieri, a resident of the village of Kere, was taken to the Tskhinvali militia. The details
NATO Parliamentary Assembly President: One day Georgia will join NATO
One day Georgia will become a member of NATO and before it we have to boost our cooperation, the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Paolo Alli said during his speech
FM – Georgian Foreign Ministry is intensively working on the issue of Georgian sailors, detained in Libya
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, along with partner diplomats, is intensively working on the issue of Georgian sailors, detained in Libya,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikheil Janelidze
Georgia to host NATO PA the 97th Rose-Roth Seminar
Georgia will host NATO PA the 97th Rose-Roth Seminar. As IntterPressNews was informed by the Parliament of Georgia, the NATO PA the 97th Rose-Roth Seminar - “Georgia and Black Sea
36 citizens of Georgia detained in occupied regions of Georgia from January 1 to May 11
19 citizens of Georgia were detained in the occupied Tskhinvali region and 16 - in the occupied region of Abkhazia for Illegal crossing of the so-called border.
According to the information
Another citizen of Georgia detained near occupation line
So-called border guards detained another citizen of Georgia near the occupation line in Gori municipality. Akaki Misieri, a resident of the village of Kere, was taken to the Tskhinvali militia. The details
Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson : relations between Russia and Georgia are gradually improving
Relations between Russia and Georgia are gradually improving, - said Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.
"When the Georgian Dream
FM- The report of the US Department of State reflects progress made by Georgia
The report of the US Department of State reflects progress made by Georgia,- Georgian Foreign Minister Mikhail Janelidze told reporters in Batumi, Adjara region
Movement restricted on Armenian-Georgian border
Movement is restricted on Armenian-Georgian border as the Armenian opposition has closed off streets in the village of Bagratashenshi.
As a result of it, buses, cars
FM- Georgia has never been so close to the Euro-Atlantic structures as it is today
Georgia has never been so close to the Euro-Atlantic structures as it is today, - Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze told reporters at the meeting held within the frameworks of the "NATO Days"
Trump Tower project planned to be continued in Batumi
Trump Tower is going to be built in Batumi. After 6-year conservation, Silk Road Group, which owns the license for constructing this high-class residential complex,
“Deprived Adolescence” - UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri
UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri “Deprived of Adolescence” on March 11, 2016, 16:00 at Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art (MOMA Tbilisi - 27 Rustaveli Av).
December 9, 2015

On December 9, 10:45, at the hotel "Radisson Blu Iveria", the Council of Europe will present a survey on attitudes towards mental health problems.
December 2, 10:00 – Presentation of a new project (Promotion of Private and Administrative Law System Development in Georgia) financed by the EU will be held at the Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel.

December 2, 11:00 – Press-conference within the framework of the Tbilisi #16 International Film Festival will be held at Tbilisi Marriot attended by Georgia’s Culture Minister Mikheil Giorgadze.

December 2, 11:00 – An event in support of people with disabilities will be held at Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel. The event will be attended by U.S. Ambassador Ian Kelly, Head of the USAID mission, Justice Minister, Supreme Court Head and other officials.

December 2, 11:30 – Economic expert Demur Giorkhelidze will hold a press-conference at the Kvira press-club.
Topic: Russia-Turkey tensions and economic sanctions. Using Russia’s market by Georgia.
Contact: Eka Gulua - 599726565

December 2, 12:00 – Member of the Parliamentary Majority Aleksandre Kantaria will hold a briefing at the Reporter press-club.
Topic: Terrorism threat, challenges for Georgia, Russia-Turkey situation, 2016 budget, new prosecutor, increased pensions.
December 2, 12:00 – Private Business Promotion Project presentation will be held at Tbilisi Marriot.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Georgia celebrates International Youth Day
To mark theInternational Youth Day on the 12thof August, the amateur version of the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” is taking place in Europe House in Tbilisi
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin; United Nations Under-Secretary-General and UNFPA Executive Director
Ageing Policy in Georgia
On July 7, 2015, a conference Ageing Policy in Georgia took place at the Cinema Hall of the Parliament of Georgia, in Tbilisi.
Stronger Clinical Governance for Better Maternal Health Outcomes: Beyond the Numbers
On June 23rd – 25th, UNFPA Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECARO) in close cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs
What Do Georgian Peacekeepers in Africa think of Accusations against them?
According to Western media, African teenagers were becoming victims of rape in the period between December of 2013 and June of 2014. However, as Georgia’s Ministry of Defense claims, Georgian soldiers arrived in Central African Republic to take part in EU peacekeeping mission on the 8th of June of 2014.
Youth National Forum
On April 27, 2015 Georgian Parliament’s Gender Equality Council, UNFPA Georgia and European Youth Parliament – Georgia organized the Youth National Forum.
Population Situation Analysis (PSA) supported by United Nations Population Fund is available for evidence-based policy making
The Population Situation Analysis (PSA), which was initiated by the Administration of the Government of Georgia and UNFPA
Step-By-Step: Guide To Georgia’s European Future
Exclusive: EU Ambassador Herman Looks to a Bright, Better and European Future for Georgia
Marketing methods and pitfall traps for customers

Government plans to reshuffle state agencies

FBI final report is not beneficial to Saakashvili’s team

“Ivanishvili needs an obedient Supreme Court Chairman”

Massive reshuffling underway in law enforcement agencies

Who should be held responsible for our troubled National Currency?

Filmmakers take on Ministries of Economy and Culture

What will higher gas tariffs bring us?



"Utility costs need to be affordable – Why should people overpay?"

Will the government manage to avoid increasing the cost of natural gas for different commercial organizations? This question will presumably be answered in 2 weeks; during that time, negotiations with different distribution companies are being held.

Very recently, KazTransGaz informed different commercial organizations that from March 1, the cost of 1 cubic meter of natural gas will increase from 0.75 to 0.90. It is also noteworthy that SOCAR Gas, which mainly serves the regions, also planed to increase its prices.

According to representatives of different gas distribution companies, the volatility of GEL is what might result in a natural gas cost increased. As you know, our companies buy natural gas in USD while people pay its price in GEL.

From the very beginning, they made it clear that the cost of natural gas would increase for commercial firms, while gas prices for the public would be left unchanged. However, after this information was released, a logical question should instantly emerge: will an increase in the price of gas for them result in a higher price for us?

Allegedly, in order to avoid raising the price of bread, bread factories will not be obliged to pay more for gas. However, with the GEL steadily losing its value against USD, no one knows how long the situation will remain stable.

It does not matter how hard our government tries, it will most likely fail to change the situation for the better if GEL does not rebound soon.

There are also other side-effects: cheap energy resources are beneficial for our people; however, when the government starts to interfere with the tariff policy, problems instantly surface.

Obviously, if the price of gas ratchets up in the future, our people will find themselves in a very tough situation.

Revaz Arveladze, President of Georgia’s Energy Academy:

“Distribution companies have signed contracts with their commercial customers declaring that if the GEL exchange rate changes by at least 10 percent against USD, they will be entitled to raise the price of natural gas.

Georgia is completely dependent on imported gas and consequently, it buys this resource in USD, which is why the gas distribution companies were expected to raise the issue of increasing gas tariffs.

Thermal power plants also buy natural gas in USD while delivering electricity to people in GEL and consequently, they have also raised the issue of the price of gas.

Thermal power plants produce 20 percent of electricity delivered to the country and if they increase electricity tariffs, overall electricity price will increase as well.”

Murman Margvelashvili, Director of Organization “World Experience for Georgia”

Georgians consume 1.9-2 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. The country receives it from several sources, one of which is the Baku-Tbilisi- Erzurum pipeline. Under the agreement signed with the owners of this pipeline, Georgia annually gets 700 million cubic meters of gas. 

International Consortium BP is in charge of this pipeline. Natural gas from Azerbaijan is exported to Turkey, and within the framework of this agreement, Georgia also gets cheap natural gas, 100 cubic meter of which cost around 65 USD.

Another source that provides Georgia with natural gas is the northeastern pipeline. 10 percent of natural gas (approximately 200 million cubic meters) provided to Armenia by Russia goes to Georgia as a transit cost.
The price of natural gas which Georgia buys from SOCAR is split into two categories: one established for the so-called social gas, which is delivered to citizens and the other is meant for thermal power plants. However, the term “social gas” is incorrect, since cheap gas cannot resolve social issues. Plus, it is also worth noting that the owner of these power plants is a Russian Company “RAO EES.”

The price of 1000 cubic meters of social gas is around 143 USD, while the price of commercial gas is approximately 750 GEL.

They are trying to justify this by claiming that they don’t want to increase the cost of electricity; however, they should know that utility costs should be affordable; why should people have to overpay?


No increase in salaries in the near future

More than 200 villages in today’s Georgia are uninhabited

“Not Hollande or even Merkel can stop Putin”

“Fate smiled upon us” – Vazagashvili’s murder is solved

Will they deal a heavy blow to Kezerashvili’s Cartel?


Georgians clash with pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk

NATO to send its counselors to Georgia


“We Don’t Need the Cold War Back in Europe” - An Exclusive Interview with Council of Europe rapporteur Stefan Schennach


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a resolution related to Georgia and Russia’s non-compliance of the ceasefire agreement.

On January 28, 2015, PACE adopted the following resolution: “Challenge, on substantive grounds, of the still unratified credentials of the delegation of the Russian Federation.”
The voting rights and credentials of the Russian delegation were suspended citing a need to “foster dialogue” between the parties. PACE also suspended Russia’s voting rights and its representation in the assembly’s leading bodies. In response, Russia suspended cooperation with the PACE, accusing the council of making “xenophobic statements” and staging a “parade of Russophobia.”
Georgian Journal spoke with Council of Europe’s Austrian delegate, Stefan Schennach, who chairs the PACE monitoring committee and who wasn’t pleased with the council’s decision to suspend Russia’s voting rights. He argued that the Ukrainian conflict cannot be resolved “without the full-fledged participation and the political will of Russia.”

"If you send weapons to both sides then war keeps going on. Do you want to have another Syria in eastern Ukraine?"

– Before we address the resolution itself, perhaps you could comment on Russia’s recent exit or, as some say, self-imposed exile from the Council of Europe, what do you think will be the implications of this move and who is pressuring who in this case?

– I made a proposal in April 2014 to suspend Russian credentials untill the end of the year. And when I wrote this proposal in April 2014, the whole world and the Council of Europe was under the impression of Crimea’s annexation. We needed a quick response to that because a member country of the Council of Europe was using its military power on the part of other country. Then there was the escalation of events in eastern Ukraine. Recently, in the sub-committee that I created specifically to retain dialogue with Russia, Russia showed willingness to negotiate, making it known that they were ready for dialogue. One member of the Russian delegation even said that Ukraine was not responsible for all that was and still is happening there. So I decided to make another attempt at constructive dialogue, because we don’t need the Cold War back in Europe. Russia is a European country and I firmly believe that peace and development in Europe is only possible with Russia, not without or against it. I came up with another offer; I said we will give them back their voting rights, and in exchange, they will fulfill 21 preconditions that I proposed in my report. For example that Ukrainian pilot Nadya Shevchenko should be handed over to a third country. And that we could send people from Germany as a monitoring team to Crimea to make a report and investigate both human rights and minority situations. This was my proposal, but eventually the assembly did not follow through with it. I was surprised, because previously at this point, I had a majority vote at the beginning, but then they said “No, we should suspend Russia till April”. I am a democratic person and I have to take what the majority says into account, but as a politician, I asked for a compromise and it was decided that the rapporteur can make the push for it. By the way, nobody in Ukraine’s delegation stood up and said “no”. But there were some, as we say, Cold War warriors, who didn’t want a compromise. When ten persons stand up and say “no”, then the path to compromise becomes closed. In a political way, it is not fair and I would also say that it’s unproductive and far from a moderate stance. After the vote, I asked Russians not to overreact and they decided to come back one year later.


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Republicans are allegedly pressured to leave the Georgian Dream

Russia might launch a hybrid war against Georgia


Monopolies do not stop at 49 percent - Rosneft Deal Jeopardizes Georgia’s Strategic Energy Transit Corridor



When it comes to some topics in Georgian politics, things are eerily silent. Recently 49 percent of Georgia’s Petrocas oil terminal in Poti – one of the few in the entire country – was sold directly to Russia’s largest oil company. And yet the Georgian government has hardly reacted to the Rosneft deal. Even as David Iakobashvili, who made a ton of cash off the deal, gloated at the World Economic Forum in Davos, no one complained. Strangest of all, is that even the most boisterous anti-Russian UNM members have been almost silent about the deal. Sure, Petrocas has a murky past and may have been owned by members of that same party, but even they weren’t selling it to Russia.

The irony is that those sanctions Georgia is now helping Russia circumvent were intended to protect countries like Ukraine and Georgia from Russian occupation and aggression.

If the reason for the Georgian leadership’s silence is some capitulated assumption that they cannot stop such deals from happening in the future, then the entire Georgian government is misinformed. As Dietrich Muller, a co-founder of Georgian Investment Group+, told Georgian Journal’s financial analyst Nino Patsuria several weeks ago: “This private deal reveals weakness in the Georgian government. The state must [and can] have a law that obliges private companies to comply with the government when they plan to divest their stakes in entities of national strategic importance. All developed states do this, but Georgia does not. It is a disgrace when the strategic partners of Georgia impose economic sanctions on the state that is an enemy of Georgia, and then the Georgian government allows a Russian state-owned company into Georgia [to evade those very sanctions].”
If the strategic relevance of the South Caucasian transit corridor is being put at stake, and make no mistake, it is, then why isn’t Parliament acting? Why are Parliamentarians more concerned about a few Chinese and Indian farmers buying small plots of farmland than the foundations of Georgia’s strategic energy corridor being sold to a company owned and run by the same country which continues to occupy it?
Why isn’t the Parliament rushing to push through some bipartisan law on protective legislation for national strategic assets? Or are we missing something? Is something else going on?
Whatever the case, here’s how this looks from Washington: the Georgian government – not just Georgian Dream, but all parties, – in exchange for a small amount of Russian investment, are allowing Russia to avoid Western sanctions by bringing fuel directly through Georgia in a move that will permanently result in Georgia’s national strategic detriment. Meanwhile, the Georgian government is talking about land plots for NATO training centers and making copious political claims about Western integration.
The problem here is that actions speak louder than words. The irony is that those sanctions Georgia is now helping Russia circumvent were intended to protect countries like Ukraine and Georgia from Russian occupation and aggression. What’s even more unfortunate is that those “strategic partners” of Georgia, like Germany and the Baltic states for instance, are paying a very heavy financial and political price to push those sanctions through.




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Separatists plan to seize land from Georgian owners in Gali

What went on behind-the-scenes before the tennis court special operation?

Lengthy TV commercials are ineffective

“Some TV companies have benefited immensely from regulations introduced under the National Movement.”

The National Communications Committee has offered a new legislation to the parliament. Under this legislation, TV companies will have to comply with new regulations for commercials. According to the newly implemented amendments, in 2015 the length of TV advertising will not exceed 15 minutes per hour of broadcasting time, while in 2016 it might be adjusted to12 minutes.

Under the acting legislation, 20 percent of total broadcasting time can be used for adverts; however, each broadcaster is entitled to decide the best length for its commercial. discussed this issue with Vakhtang Abashidze, head of the Regulating Committee.
Vakhtang Abashidze:

”Changes are to be brought about in this system, and we will definitely take our cue from Europeans and benefit from their vast experience. As you know, Georgia has to meet European directives and requirements in this field before 2018.

First of all, a normal amount of advertising time per broadcasting hour must be determined. Everyone, from consumers to broadcasters and commercial agencies, have an interest in this issue. The acting legislation has not limited the length of a TV advert. However, commercials cannot take up more than 20 percent of a 24-hour broadcasting cycle; the new regulations are introducing a 20 percent per hour limit. We have to implement other changes before 2018 as well.

By the way, it is also noteworthy that people lose interest in a commercial after three minutes, which is why lengthy ads cannot be seen as effective.

Vakhtang Abashidze does not rule out that new regulations can result in more expensive commercials. However, according to him, if a broadcaster takes well-measured steps, the new regulations will not affect the budget.

Lasha Tugushi, head of the Press Association, has also commented on this issue. He defined the new approach as correct since, in his words, it has leveled the playing field for all TV companies.

“Only some companies benefited from the amendments introduced in this field under the National movement, while others have found themselves in a critical situation. Therefore, today we are not going to put only select media representatives in beneficial conditions while damaging others. We are obliged to find the most advantageous balance for broadcasters, printed media and consumers.
Obviously, commercials cannot be too long. These regulations may harm some TV companies, but the fact is that some changes in this field were to be introduced under any circumstances.
As journalist Ia Antadze claims, advertisements cannot be monopolized:

”The State is obliged to regulate advertising time and this issue can be handled quickly. The legislation has already been filed with the parliament and it will have the final say on this issue now. When the overall available length for a commercial is determined, it will be up to different TV companies to decide on the most effective length for their own ads.

This business has been monopolized for too long and now we must do something about it. Companies as well their customers are obviously obliged to abide by the law,”- contends Antadze.

“First we planned to accelerate passing of the bill. Though, later we reversed this decision,”- said Paata Kvizhinadze, head of Parliament’s sectoral economy and economic policy department:

“The Communications Regulating Committee has already submitted the legislation to Parliament. We aim to both pursue customer interests and comply with European directives. Most TV companies have approved the newly introduced regulation, except for Rustavi 2; however, we are strongly determined to pursue everyone’s interests. Negotiations are underway and everyone unanimously admits that changes in this field are a must. How can fifty percent of an hour of broadcasting time be dedicated to advertisements? This is outrageous, and we will try to rectify the situation by adjusting Georgia’s standards to European regulations.

Kvizhinadze admits that new regulations could result in more expensive commercials but he thinks that if TV ads get aired three instead of five, for instance, a broadcaster’s expenses will not increase.

“We are doing our best not to ambush TV companies with these regulations; they will have time to get ready for them,”- stated Kvizhinadze.

Khatuna Chigogidze

Restoration of Justice started with mass arrests

Pensions devalued by 13 percent in last two months

Ossetian army is becoming a security service for Russian occupation


“I presume that our investigators are on the right track and Vazagashvili’s case will be solved soon”


Will the Dream Government hold snap elections?

“Officials who look and act like thugs must leave their posts!”



Why does Ukrainian’s justice minister avoid meeting her Georgian counterpart?

Experiment by “Rezonansi” ends with deplorable results, revealing extreme nepotism in state agencies


Russian soldiers raid Armenian village in Abkhazia

Uncontrollable depreciation of GEL sparks countrywide backlash


Bidzina Ivanishvili pursues his own personnel policy, claims Georgia’s former Foreign Minister


How the Nationals allegedly celebrated Vazagashvili’s murder


Launch of the Organized Cancer Screening Programme in Georgia
Within the framework of the annual Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW) the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia,
Press Digest 27.01.2015

Lari hits rock bottom - - Further devaluation of GEL is not expected

Location for NATO-Georgia joint training center is chosen

“MIA must be restructured to the core; a completely new system is to be formed”

“If they start a fight against injustice, they will soon share late Vazagashvili’s fate”

New rules for farmers and land owners


New regulations for future online purchases


Some changes are set to be introduced to Georgia’s Customs Law; regulations for internet purchases will reportedly be changed as well. As Head of the Revenue Service’s Press Department, Khatia Moistsrapishvili informs, changes will include a new united online declaration form.

“By implementing a declaration form to determine customs duty for postal parcels, we will establish an online declaration form for those who buy goods and services via postal service providers. As you know, they have always provided our customers with their own declaration forms; however, after the changes are put in place, the new form will be implemented. Although, it should also be stressed that customers were obliged to put all necessary information in the declaration earlier too,”- claims Khatia Moistsrapishvili.

According to her, these new regulations will simplify the process for online shoppers and postal service providers. The project was put together with participation from the customs agency and consultations with delivery services. Therefore, new customs charges on postal parcels have been based on data that postal service providers offered online customers through their own declarations.
As Khatia Moistsrapishvili informs, they have already created a united interface, through which postal service providers will carry out all procedures for postal parcel registration at customs points. These novelties will simplify customs procedures and raise the service’s overall standards.

From the before mentioned information, we can conclude that the recently initiated changes will result in a new united declaration form meant to simplify the process for online shoppers and postal service providers,”- states Khatia Moistsrapishvili.

According to her, new regulations will not cause any problems for customers. “They will continue to do what they’ve always done – provide us with accurate information,”- says Ms. Moistsrapishvili.


GEL value is alarmingly low; inflation may soon hit Georgia hard

“I know the witness late Vazagashvili mentioned”

Armenian Diocese accuses Russian journalists of spreading lies

Will Russia and Iran create a military alliance?


Will Irakli Gharibashvili be replaced by Uta Ivanishvili's friend?

Death at son’s grave – Was Vazagashvili’s murder politically motivated?

“Ukrainian leader turned a cold shoulder to acting Georgian authorities”


What Georgia expects from Riga Summit

Why is Competition Agency not reporting on fuel prices?

People lost trust in GEL


“By posing as an investor, Russia aims to invade our economic affairs”

“We will not allow Bokeria’s Zone to destabilize the country!”



“Georgia cannot be kept waiting at NATO’s door forever”

“All tools are in place to move forward with Georgia’s aspirations”


“Terrorists will soon target Turkey, Middle East and Caucasus”



Man abducted in Gali

New law to target separatist fighters


Will Saakashvili be elected head of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau?

Georgian Jihadists in Syria


Unemployment alarmingly high in Georgia

Our special service is not fully prepared to fight terrorism, claims Alexi Petriashvili

"Georgians cannot ignore bloodshed in Paris”


Dream Government vs. Free Democrats


Anaklia after KaZantip Festival
No precise information about how many millions the former government poured into Anaklia - Gamukhuri development projects has been released yet. 

Fuel prices to drop in Georgia today

Kote Kublashvili allows some law-breaking judges to enjoy impunity


Country in crisis as timber resources dwindle

Prices on tobacco and alcohol rising


Why was Interagency Council on Foreign Policy founded in Georgia?


What will new remission law change in inmates’ lives?

Why is Georgia heading for the Eurozone if Greece is abandoning it?


Re-emergence of pro-Russian sentiment subverts Georgia, claims philosopher Zaza Piralishvili

Coalition Members sided against Ivanishvili because of money – Zaal Kasrelishvili


Eight Georgians arrested in Gali banned from re-entering Abkhazia

Islamic State has around 100 Georgian citizens in its ranks



Red notice for Saakashvili?

2015 - A year of paramount reforms and changes


How Government got hold of Pirosmani’s “Easter Lamb”

“Narmania is Ivanishvili’s biggest mistake”


Tenders that shattered Georgia’s economy
 has repeatedly covered the issue of tenders repeatedly being canceled and slumped. Precisely the aforementioned tenders have thwarted the government in establishing the budget. Temur Maisaia, Deputy Chairman of Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, was the first to shed light on this issue. Mr. Maisaia is reportedly looking over this issue today. According to him, the activity of all companies is compulsory to study.

- Why have you decided to cast light on the issue of cancelled tenders?

-You know, it’s a slightly odd question. What else should have happened in the country? Our ministers reiterated that tenders had slumped and they failed to establish the budget. Precisely their failure to handle the issue of tenders resulted in a budget deficit and this was not surprising in the slightest. When a company wins a tender and fails to fulfill its entrusted duties, the state declares the same tender again and loses time. Consequently, the state fails to establish a budget and money ceases to circulate within the country. On top of that, their failure to meet a budget has inflicted irrecoverable harm to the Georgian people and has thrown the country’s economy off the proverbial cliff.

- What could you tell us regarding some important tenders having slumped recently?

- You know, all tenders that have been declared in Georgia deserve our attention. While looking over these tenders, we have come across some really serious deviations. As it appears, those at the helm of our companies were reluctant to accomplish their duties. They refused to toe the line and stubbornly put these tenders on hold. To put it straight, we have encountered deliberate violation of the law in all these companies; however, today we are oriented towards larger bodies since their move to neglect their responsibilities has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

- What kind of deviations have you discovered to be most frequent?

- As far as I can see, a key reason for bringing the process to a grinding halt was their eagerness to repeatedly put declared tenders on hold. Different organizations in Georgia have failed to fulfill their duties and postponed deadlines indefinitely. However, the worst thing is that the most promising companies fail to win these tenders. Obviously, such failures have battered our economy and depleted our budget. Likewise, when a company doubles the price of a tender after winning, laws are broken and its leadership must naturally pay a heavy price for this.

- In which spheres have such deviations mainly occurred?

- Everywhere. They have occurred everywhere in all infrastructural projects. Naming all these fields would take all day.

- Could you give us the names of the law-breaking companies or their managers?
- I will abstain from doing this for now. First we must look into this issue and carefully study its every detail. Because I am a MP and member of the committee, I cannot really accuse this or that company of violating the law now. 
My faction and I have voluntarily started looking into these cases and we are strongly determined to follow through with it. You know, every case is different and needs a specific approach.
Do you want me to tell you what has always bemused me? I would like to know how or in what manner do companies with such serious deviations managed to win these tenders at all!


Russia’s creeping occupation of Georgia continues

National Movement’s top donors and most affluent members


Nothing will improve if criminal high officials do not face justice, former Head of Georgia’s Chamber of Control

Clashes erupt in Kazreti between locals and journalists


Russia to seize yet another Georgian region

Is UN a paper tiger? Will their resolution bring us tangible results?

Georgia to establish visa-free travel with Schengen states

Even if the present authorities chase after the GEL, they will fail to catch it, expert Demur Giorkhelidze says

Georgia’s priorities: a key U.S. ally or a NATO member state?


Invitation to Moscow holds nothing but humiliation in store, a political expert claims

Psychotropic medication is still sold over the counter - The problem remains unsolved

Controversial Kus tba privatization scheme revealed


Despite a drop on the world market, petrol cost in Georgia has not changed

Our Prime Minister must dare and pay a visit to Russia -- Soso Tsintsadze


New reform in Georgia – high risk prisoners to be isolated from others


Message of Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin Executive Director of UNFPA United Nations Population Fund
Today on International Human Rights Day, I applaud human rights defenders across the globe and everyone who participated in the 16 days of activism

GEL exchange rate will be stabilized but it is unlikely to return to what it was – Irakli Lekvinadze

Much more is still to come – experts don’t rule out the Prime Minister’s resignation

Facts released at Buta Robakidze’s trial

Disgruntled Bidzina Ivanishvili is expected to dismiss three high officials

The depreciation of GEL and growing depression in the public is immensely alarming since it is dragging the country to a dead-end critical situation – Nodar Sarjveladze

“Devaluation of the lari is connected to a change in economic course. We have entered the age of centaur-like economy, with an old body and a new head”


Who possesses the Prosecutor’s Office? Mr. Usupashvili says that the Parliament crossed the line

Strike ends in Georgian Railways – how did Gharibashvili threaten Koka Guntsadze?


Chairman of the European Parliament Foreign Relations Committee is against NATO expansion

Is Mr. Gharibashvili paying a visit to Ukraine to present the Ukrainian government with compromising materials against the former Georgian high officials?

Moldova’s European prospects and its advantages over Georgia

“They may be engaged in some secret negotiations with Russia”


Russia may use Tskhinvali as a military corridor to Armenia

Nothing at all is being done to save our territories today – Gia Maisashvili

Former Georgian authorities joining Ukrainian Government

“The Georgian Dream has really vast resources; its time is running out though and this makes us conclude that holding early elections is the country is mandatory”

Battle of the Key comes to an end – “they snoop into our private lives and they are simply inapt to drop this practice”

What is going on with Georgian Railways


The Kremlin is supposed to negotiate deal with Tskhinvali before the New Year

“Tchikaidze is covering for the criminals. We will not let the acting authorities get off scot-free!”

“Republicans do not plan to abandon the Coalition”


Should Georgia join Anti-Russian campaign? The Nationals think it should

“Power has been thrown into the street and a political force able to grab it has not, unfortunately, emerged in our country so far”

Our Government has failed to take active steps at the international level – Zaza Piralishvili


We are really in deep trouble today and the only thing that we can sell to Russia is our European course – Ramaz Sakvarelidze

We cannot break all ties with Russia – Zurab Abashidze

If GEL devalues even further, the price on our products will increase

Message of UNFPA Executive Director for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
As we commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, let us mobilize for the 16 days of activism from now until Human Rights Day on 10 December.
Why has GEL devalued?

“The issue of Georgia’s occupation must be put on top of their agenda"

Annexation of Abkhazia is underway

The closer we get to NATO the more we distance ourselves from our breakaway regions – Mamuka Areshidze

“We will petition the President to veto the legislation” – will the so-called wiretapping key remain in MIA?

Kublashvili’s former body guard provides the Kronika with secret information

Russia to Georgia: get Abkhazia and South Ossetia but Join the Eurasian Union

Situation aggravated in the National Movement party, Saakashvili and Bokeria clash with each other

Mikheil Saakashvili and Temur Alasania sold ammunition in Kodori Gorge to Armenians -- Tristan Tsitelashvili


Georgian PM ensures Brussels that our political vector has remained unchanged

“Opening NATO Military Base in Georgia is nothing good for us”

Today, Government’s target is Gambling Business



“The power of 1.8 billion: adolescents, youth and the transformation of the future”
On November 18, 2014 Mr. Rati Bregadze, Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia and Ms. Lela Bakradze, Assistant Representative of the United Nations Population Fund

Irakli Alasania answers questions from the Alia gazette

Holding negotiations with Russia or Putin is like flogging a dead horse

Association Agreement Ratification process will not slump


Chances for getting recommendation on visa-free travel with the EU still exist; however, before making final decision, Europe will measure everything extremely carefully

City Park has bought City Hall High officials

Kakha Kukava: Coalition members have told me they plotted against Alasania


The Nationals have failed to rally public opinion – Sandro Tvaltchrelidze


“The Nationals do not stand even the smallest chance of usurping power again. However, they will definitely try to provoke the people”

The President, the Prime Minister and their Black Cats – are the relations between the two high officials thawing?


Two girls, Public Defender and the Didube Municipality

Burjanadze’s scandalous testimony – will Saakashvili be judged?

“Republicans and Free Democrats are likely to unite for the next parliamentary elections”

A number of our politicians are particularly excited to replace Zurab Abashidze

Nationals have mobilized some groups to heat up conflict on the 15 November rally -- Tristan Tsitelashvili

“Today they are making every effort to popularize Alasania”


What triggered physical altercation in Akhmeta, the opposing sides’ opinions

“Some members of the Government don’t want the rift between President Margvelashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili to be healed”

Nationals hope that 40 thousand people will join their protest event


“Let’s call a spade a spade – snap elections are mandatory”

Rehabilitation of the cities stalled in Georgia!

Actions of the Prosecutor’s Office have jeopardized our European future; we have not held the Government responsible for this though – Alexi Petriashvili


Given the current circumstances, I personally think that Irakli Alasania grabbed the very first chance that fell in his hands to launch an independent game -- Archil Gamzardia

When will Parliament yield its podium to President?


“By making his statement, Alasania has dealt such a big blow to our country, which tops even the marginalized and criminal band of the Nationals”

Is the dismissed Defense Minister under threat of detention?

Coalition stands no chance of being dismantled -- Dato Lortkipanidze

Bidzina Ivanishvili must either return to political scene or must disengage from it once and for all – Demur Giorkhelidze


Will tough situation in Georgia morph into political crisis?

“Today the former Defense Minister knows better than others that by removing him from his post the Government will not in any way thwart our country in integrating itself with NATO and the EU”

“Irakli Alasania had no right to talk regarding some kind of conspiracy theory”


Alasania dismissed, the Coalition is on the verge of disaster

Gela Nikolaishvili - Alasania may become the leader of a third political force


This decision was tough but right – Gia Khikhashvili

Should the issue of Georgian Defense Minister’s political accountability be raised?

Income disparity between the rich and the poor in Georgia – income of our wealthiest citizen is 70 times higher than that of the poorest

Non-stop military trainings in Georgia – Can NATO troops stifle Russia’s aggression?


On 5th of November, 2014 the Georgia Population and Household Census Starts
On November 4, 2014, at 13:00, at the Hotel Radisson Blu Iveria a press-conference has been held by Ms. Meri Daushvili, the Executive Director

“Against this backdrop, the present authorities will have to walk on thin ice”

Some Nationals are under threat of imprisonment

Scandalous confession of Saakashvili’s Government – secret document on Sulkhan Molashvili’s case


Alasania’s chance – “he will make the only right decision if he bows out from his post and runs in the coming elections alone”

The party must cleanse itself of some members. However, a complete reshuffle cannot be expected at this point in time -- Davit Lortkipanidze

I will sacrifice everything, not only my post but also my life, to defend my faith and Church – Sandro Bregadze


“Difference in the world views is gradually emerging within the Coalition”

The process of extradition which is regulated by the international conventions is extremely complex and can easily be stretched in time – Lali Aptsiauri

The Nationals are ready to pay 50 GEL to each activist... I don’t hope that the Government will manage to repel the threats from the Nationals – Giorgi Akhvlediani


Abkhazian alternative of Russian Agreement on “Alliance and Cooperation” drafted in Sokhumi

Along with Russians, the Nationals are plotting different corrupt schemes to stir the situation in the bordering regions of Georgia


The Georgian Dream Coalition is reaping what it has sown – Petre Mamradze


We must redouble effort to persuade our western friends to change the Geneva format -- Soso Tsiskarishvili

“Two-chamber parliament can see us through this critical situation”

Do some drug addicts actually use soil instead of narcotics?


United Nations Population Fund Celebrates 15 Years of Presence in Georgia
It is 15 years that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been working in Georgia. To mark its 15th anniversary, UNFPA Georgia Office organizes the reception on Monday

Two more failures of the Dream Government on international scene

Government has its weak points and it really needs new blood and new faces – Gia Khukhashvili

As many as 200 officials dismissed from City Hall, many more are still to be fired

Government maintains high price on petrol -- Georgia’s oil market has never been in such a state of disorder before

I do not really think that Burjanadze knows how to hold negotiations with Russia when even Europe and the U.S. have no idea how to do this – Gela Kvatchantiradze

Has investigation been launched against Nationals?


Why has a Georgian delegation visited the USA?

An attempt to trigger religious conflict in Georgia

I have always been critical of the Government – Kakhi Kakhishvili


Over the last year, prices have increased for some products by 50-70% in Georgia

They aim to isolate Abkhazians from Georgia -- Irakli Menagharishvili

Russification process in Georgia’s breakaway enclave of Abkhazia launched


The European Conservators want the former leadership to take up the reign of Georgia again -- Michael Aastrup Jensen

Will two Georgian Ministers be removed from their posts?

Mr. Narmania must not embarrass his own team – Sandro Tvaltchrelidze

Islamic General Tarkhan Batirashvili promised his father to enter Georgia along with his thousands of warriors

“The fact that Tina Khidasheli was not among the members of the delegation has made us smell a rat in the situation…”

We’d better stop countering Russia – Akaki Asatiani


5 luckiest officials getting the highest remuneration in Georgia -- Tbilisi Vice-Mayor enjoys higher salary than President

I will come and keep a close eye on “Tbilisoba” Festival in Georgia to improve all mistakes we have made while holding the festival in Moscow -- Mikheil Khubutia

By rights, the police must protect us but if they refuse to do this, we will definitely manage to fulfill this task alone – Parnaoz Tchkadua


First Recognition then Reconciliation, says official Sukhumi

The rating of the opposition does not grow despite the fact that the rating of the government has ratcheted down – Gigi Tevzadze


50 percent of our people are either staunch adherents of our Government or are neutrally disposed to it – Zurab Bigvava

2015 will mark the beginning of protest events by our outraged drivers standing a strong chance of losing their only means of survival thanks to the Company Intertrans

I am deeply concerned because of the fact that the National Movement has put them in such a critical situation – Gia Maisashvili

Restrictions on banning Russians from purchasing real estate in Abkhazia abrogated



We have never been faced with such a paradoxical situation here before … when an aggressor can pose as a victim of violence, you, obviously, find it immensely difficult to keep your composure and remain calm --- Mamuka Areshidze

Legislation on “General Education” disapproved by the MPs

Nationals have weapons caches in Atchara as well as in other regions of Georgia


They have presented us with an absolutely biased resolution drafted by some ingenuous leaders of the EU Public Party

One of the leaders of the Georgian Dream Organization in the U.S. gives an interview to the Alia gazette

Mikheil Saakashvili is getting ready to hold protest events -- Davit Darchiashvili


Will pensions increase by only 10 GEL from 2015?

We are strongly determined to neutralize the Independent Zone that is fraught with Akhalaia’s adherents and criminal bastards


Mass pillaging in Abkhazia –Georgian residents of the region kept in constant terror


The present top officials are clever and really try to do a great deal; however, they have failed to keep a tight hold on the system they have inherited from the Nationals -- Gia Khukhashvili


EU report sheds light on the conflict between the President and the Premier


Asaval-Dasavali gazette journalist severely beaten - incident outside Independent Zone Office

Does information regarding presumable creation of Georgia-Abkhazian Confederation ring true?

Will U.S. refuse to grant Saakashvili political asylum too?

Will they let President Margvelashvili visit Davos?

“Delta Iron Horse” stands the strongest chance to best its rivals
How to fight against the disseminators of misinformation

The actual fact is that the state institutes don’t actually operate in our country, people merely work there; precisely this is our most vulnerable problem and a sore point for our country today -- Vakhtang Dzabiradze

I starkly warn them against taking irrational steps or I will name all sportsmen that once were the Nationals’ slaves, meekly submitting to their each and every directive and enjoying an astronomical remuneration while doing this -- Luka Kurtanidze

“Georgia in some ways resembles a traditional SU country”

Last examination proved to me that the murderer was sitting in late Erosi’s car – Zurab Kitsmarishvili


“The country, according to them, is in a state of anarchy and no one cares there about the lives of poor women and children… in a nutshell, 90 percent of the residents of Pankisi is against going to Syria”

Besides Saakashvili, members of his entourage also stand a big chance of losing their property


Europe seeking alternative sources of natural gas


Experts sounding alarm on the government’s decision to deprive another recreational zone in Tbilisi of its status


Actually not even 1 percent of Saakashvili’s property has been seized – Jondi Baghaturia

“We are fighting against the Nationals and we are strongly determined to level them to the ground”


“Crimeazation of Georgia’s breakaway regions is expected to start from 2015”

Prospect of creating “Anti-Islamic State” training Center in Georgia stimulates wide discussions

No one can give you a guarantee that your security will not be jeopardized and Russia will not gobble you up – Pikria Chikradze


“We are on the verge of political crisis”

The situation in Ukraine more and more resembles the events that were once unfolded in Abkhazia


“Abkhazia stands a strong chance of merging with Russia”

The majority of readers positively evaluate the Government’s move to toughen police control

15-18 September topic of the paper Kviris Palitra was responded to by 407 respondents.
The question was: How would you assess

The results are as follows:

1. positively 74.6%
2. negatively 8.3%
3. more negatively than positively 4.8%
4. it’s difficult for me to answer 17.1%

The prospects of the Nationals’ presumable return are only filling our people with fear and terror, and they are ready to endure even more extreme hardship to avoid the Nationals’ rule – Soso Tsiskarishvili

Out of  2 conceived embryos one of them is doomed to death in Georgia… Government stiffening regulations against those women who abort their babies


“One day we will grasp baseball bats and will beat the acting authorities who cohabitate with these criminals as well as those bloodthirsty butchers who pelted us with a myriad of mishaps as hard as we can!”

“If a common defense system is actually formed in Georgia’s breakaway enclave of Abkhazia, we will officially lose this region in December”

The executive Government cannot put politics aside to negotiate with really pressing challenges -- Gia Khukhashvili

US will train Georgian military to help us repel aggression from Islamic states and Russia


Tengiz Pkhaladze: why on earth does Mr. Margvelashvili need to create his own party when he and the members of our Government represent one and the same team?

“Russians have gotten hold of nut business too … we are forced to live a dog’s life and keep silent…”

We must hold the Government accountable because of the fact that the Nationals are still monitoring our private conversations – Nana Kakabadze


Petre Mamradze -- Margvelashvili hopes that one day he will feel vindicated…

President does not plan to move to the opposition – Zakaria Kutsnashvili

Gypsy Market restoration work starts today


The US playing the role of a whistle-blower

Is constitutional coup being organized in Georgia?

If today we refuse to give the Russian leader a pretext to proclaim war with us, he will find it difficult to do this – Akaki Asatiani

Expert Kakhishvili: the law enforcers must do everything in their power to hamper Saakashvili from organizing a rebellion in our country

I appeal to those who pull us to peaces for issuing high bonuses, to judge the situation more realistically – Nodar Khaduri

Erosi Kitsmarishvili’s brother urges the investigators to hold investigation on the charge of first-degree murder

Who is Georgia’s Chief Executive?

“We must hold responsible those constitutionalists who have drafted such an ugly document”

Passions remain high in the region of Kobuleti

“Doubled expenses and big embarrassment – will two delegations be sent to the USA from Georgia?

City Park does not care about people

Petrol price remains stably high in Georgia despite the fact that it has ratcheted down on international market

Georgia will have to open its doors to a great number of IDPs soon

Foreign investments freeze in Georgia

Irakli Sesiashvili: Georgia must empower its preventative forces and form a powerful army that will be apt to repel any kind of aggression from its enemies

Georgia’s New Visa Regime: A Complicated Affair
Ever since new visa and migratory regulations were announced, Georgia’s foreigners and expats scrambled to apply for residence permits in time to meet the government’s September 1st deadline.

Mamuka Areshidze: I have heard over the grapevine that the Nationals are discontent with their leaders’ lax attitude


Today we are between a rock and a hard place -- it does not matter whether you will annoy Russia or will refrain from doing it”

Georgian text books torn up in the region of Abkhazia

The only reason why they refused to give MAP to Georgia was to avoid war – Sandro Tvaltchrelidze

“The Nationals endeavor to perch on high posts and the Dream Government itself helps them to maintain these posts”

How Davit Narmania plans to handle artificial monopolies


Georgia in 5 top NATO states


Petre Mamradze: now they are trying to prevent journalists from publicizing the names of those women that frequented the ex-President’s luxurious yacht


Another landslide will hit the Dariali Gorge – Natural processes are becoming uncontrollable

Debts and financial failure – precious gifts from KaZantip

Criminals must be punished because of demolishing the old parliament building … all official papers concerning this issue vanished without trace -- Gia Tsagareishvili


Giorgi Gugava: they must publicize all information regarding the bank accounts of not only the former but also the acting authorities


NATO entering Georgia


Francis Fukuima: some strategic issues are playing against Georgia’s integration within the alliance

Georgians forced to flee Abkhazia

Price of bread in Georgia is higher than in other post-Soviet states

Putin plans to reinstate the former minister in the post-soviet space – Irakli Menagharishvili


At the Wales summit, NATO will first of all focus on its own security

The relationship between our top officials has become extremely complicated and vague – Kakhi Kakhshvili

NATO will draft a package on broadening relations with Georgia -- German Ambassador to Georgia, Ortwin Hennig

Now Tatia Maisuradze can grasp the opportunity to tell everything she knows regarding the case – Sandro Girgvliani’s father

Abkhazians succeed in opening a polling station in Turkey

5 days before Kazantip Festival and calm demonstration against it


All agreements with companies offering different kinds of service to the citizens of Georgia will be reconsidered – Davit Zurabishvili

The Nationals were disappointed – the WH statement was ostensible

Saakashvili was off his head on November 7 …that day the entire Government Administration simply followed an order from a mentally deranged man, and in the wake of this the Imedi TV Company was invaded – Petre Mamradze


Fire at oil facility -- technical Supervision Department of the Minister of Economy must claim responsibility for this terrible incident

Accused Saakashvili and the West’s indifferent reaction

They aim at staining Saakashvili’s reputation on the international stage – Soso Tsintsadze

Who will take the helm of Abkhazia?


Who provides the Prosecutor’s Office with secret materials against the National Movement?

Saakashvili will be jailed too


“Only snap elections can wind down tensions in Georgia”

Nationals will be chased out of Tbilisi City Hall from September

Opinions proclaimed by a slew of NGO representatives are deemed to be a manifestation of the absolute truth – Nana Devdariani

Victorious left-wing party is under threat – 2/3 member consciences of the City Hall can remove mayors from their posts

MESSAGE FOR WORLD POPULATION DAY 2014 Investing in Young People
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and UNFPA Executive Director

What pushed immovable property agencies and employment offices to the verge of closing?


Giorgi Tavdgiridze -- Georgia is of vital importance for NATO today… the present Status Quo suggests that a neutral position can be maintained with respect to our country from both sides …


Does detention loom over Givi Targamadze and one of the members of the National Movement?

An active Giorgi Margvelashvili simply contradicts their belief as per which the Chief Executive must be an inert figure and must “isolate himself from the outer world – Vano Matchavariani

EU losing its tug-of-war with Russia – Russia’s South Stream project is moving forward


Our labor market dwells in stagnation


It’s a catastrophe, when a majority member holds paramount information but he cannot access the PM to share this information with him – Dato Lortkipanidze


Kakha Kukava -- I departed from politics, because …

A run-off and its potential outcome

The Nationals have drawn up a well-laid plan to throw the country into disarray – Kakha Kakhishvili

The Poti region is under the threat of potential flooding

A new political scandal will rock Georgia – a new horrible crime which concerns Saakshvili’s family members as well as the brothers Kublashvili will surface soon -- Giorgi Kapanadze


Unofficial MAP – are we moving closer to NATO?

A bomb placed within Kote Kublashvili’s Court will explode soon … all judges – with some felicitous exceptions -- will find themselves behind the bars

Russian soldiers readjust borders again

Nomenclature trafficking within the Civil Registry -- they are contriving different corrupt schemes behind Tea Tsulukiani’s back – former CR official

Legal proceedings must also be brought against those at the helm of the City Park – Jaba Samushia


Is an electricity price hike expected?

Is Georgia under the threat of Islamic extremism?


“Mastera’s” deeds

It’s obvious that Gigi Ugulava has stooped to performing dastardly deeds – Aleko Elisashvili

The Ministry of Economy starts selling land

Georgian Military Servants in Central Africa

Look at the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine through the eyes of Georgian soldier who grew up in Ukraine

Mr. Akhvlediani will also be summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office soon

Don’t celebrate victory in advance … Georgia is not geared up to meet Europe’s requirements – Mamuka Areshidze

Our initial steps on the long road

What should I be ashamed for? We have not gifted ourselves those bonuses; we have just accumulated them – Irakli Shikhiashvili

Salaries High Officials reduced by several thousand – “soon they will presumably label a bonus as some kind of “incentive,” or “stimulus fund”




Searching for a neutral zone – they call for USAID to organize political debates for our mayoral candidates

There is the only one outlet from this blind alley -- Kublashvili and his puppets must abandon the Court

A run-off helps us to boost democracy in Georgia; it do not play into our people’s hands though -- Davit Lortkipanidze


Which issues must Georgia handle to integrate itself with the EU

Can we pin hopes only on Steinmeier? – Soso Tsintsadze

The legislative body to work in two cities simultaneously

Completion of the Association Agreement is near

How did Saakshvili turn up at the Ukrainian Presidents inauguration ceremony?


Abkhazian passport stripping process suspended


The Government’s PR service must be dissolved – Soso Tsiskarishvili

By allowing themselves to enjoy these flagrantly boosted bonuses and fringe benefits, our high officials are simply abusing their power -- Amiran Giguashvili

What made former parliamentarian and financier of the Nationals’ projects commit suicide?

President sidelined

Activating their agents is paramount for the Nationals today – Vakhtang Maisaia

Kakha Kukava – I will donate my bonuses to children’s assistance funds … I am not such a fool to channel these money into Shikhiashvili’s pockets


Russian investors to “invade” Georgia

The New City Hall will set to studying the “City Park” issue

“The number of voters was increased under Tina Khidasheli’s initiation; by doing this, she simply aimed to grant the Nationals a chance to win the second position…”

“Deprived Adolescence” - UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri
UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri “Deprived of Adolescence” on March 11, 2016, 16:00 at Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art (MOMA Tbilisi - 27 Rustaveli Av).