Combining wine and cheese is an unquenchable subject and it is being discussed by many gourmets and experts around the world.
A new amazingly beautiful canyon has recently been discovered in Georgia.
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Exchange Rates
Dollar official price equals 2.4894 GEL
5 minutes ago
The dollar official price has become 2.4894 GEL. The National Bank of Georgia has set a new exchange rate.
Assailant who stabbed Ekho Moskvy editor was citizen of Israel
8 minutes ago
Russian opposition journalist has been hospitalised after she was stabbed in the neck by an assailant who broke into the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow where she works.
Staff and structural changes planned at Tbilisi City Hall – Kakha Kaladze
15:47 23-10-2017
Newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze plans staff changes at Tbilisi City Hall. He has declared this at today’s press-conference.
Ekho Moskvy radio station editor stabbed in Moscow
15:22 23-10-2017
An unknown assailant has stabbed deputy editor of the independent radio station Ekho Moskvy Tatiana Felgenhauer in the neck, the radio station reported Monday.
US Embassy congratulates Georgian government and people on ‘well-administered local elections’
15:12 23-10-2017
The U.S. Embassy to Georgia has released a statement regarding Georgia’s local elections and congratulated the government and people on the elections that were ‘well-administered’ as assessed by the embassy.
Marika Datukishvili might replace Nika Melia as Tbilisi City Council member
14:40 23-10-2017
Marika Datukishvili may replace Nika Melia as a member of Tbilisi City Council. As reported by Georgia’s Central Election Commission National Movement has gained five mandates according to the proportional rule.
Newly elected Mayor’s team members reported
14:08 23-10-2017
Kakha Kaladze, newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi will start working in the capital’s government together with his own team.
Georgian President: Support received from people in elections should be expressed in resolution of their problems
13:36 23-10-2017
President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili has responded to the local elections declaring that it is very important for Georgian democracy all the errors observed during the elections to be eradicated and taken into account.
WHO cancels Robert Mugabe goodwill ambassador role
13:23 23-10-2017
The World Health Organization has revoked the appointment of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador following a widespread outcry, foreign media say.
Italian media assesses Kaladze’s victory as ‘match with no need of overtime’
12:18 23-10-2017
Foreign media outlets have reacted to Georgia’s local elections and Kakha Kaladze’s victory as Tbilisi Mayor.
Silvio Berlusconi congratulates Kakha Kaladze on being elected as Tbilisi Mayor
11:58 23-10-2017
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has congratulated former AC Milan footballer, Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate Kakha Kaladze on winning local elections, - Press-Service of the Georgian Dream political party reports.
Five Georgian communities to experience run-off
11:25 23-10-2017
Georgia’s Central Election Commission has completed counting votes. As reported according to preliminary data, five Georgian communities out of 59 will experience the run-off.
Paolo Maldini congratulates Kaladze on victory in elections
11:00 23-10-2017
Italian footballer Paolo Maldini has reacted to Kakha Kaladze’s victory as Tbilisi Mayor. He has posted a photo with Kaladze on the social net.
Georgian Dream party enjoys lead in proportional elections throughout Georgia
10:13 23-10-2017
According to the CEC preliminary data, Georgian Dream enjoys 55,73 % support throughout Georgia in proportional elections.
All polling stations data counted, Kakha Kaladze gains 51,13% of the votes
10:04 23-10-2017
As reported by Georgia’s Central Election Commission, Georgian Dream Mayoral Candidate Kakha Kaladze is leading with 51.13% of the votes while independent candidate Aleksandre Elisashvili has got 17,49% of the votes and follows Kaladze.
33 minutes ago
The natural disaster that hit Georgia’s Imereti region on October 16 has caused 8 million GEL loss. As reported by the Imereti Administration, the loss was counted in all municipalities.
09:52 23-10-2017
I hope the time will come when the use of administrative resources will not be on the agenda, - said Per Eklund, former head of the European Union delegation to Georgia and member of the NDI observer mission.
09:50 23-10-2017
One-party governance has been strengthened at all levels, which is a significant challenge for the development of democracy, - says NDI's report.
 Kakha Kaladze says he is ready to cooperate with his opponents
Georgian Dream's mayoral candidate Kakha Kaladze is ready to cooperate with his opponents, he said at a press conference today.
 The voting day was generally well-organized , says OSCE/ODIHR Observation Mission
The voting day was generally well-organized, - Corien Jonker, head of the OSCE/ODIHR Observation Mission, said at a press conference today.
Registration of voters, who arrived at the polling stations, is inadmissible, says head of OSCE/ODIHR Observation Mission
Registration of voters, who arrived at the polling stations, is inadmissible, says head of OSCE/ODIHR Observation Mission Registration of voters who arrived at the polling
“Deprived Adolescence” - UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri
UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri “Deprived of Adolescence” on March 11, 2016, 16:00 at Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art (MOMA Tbilisi - 27 Rustaveli Av).