Georgian fans love captain of the Georgian national basketball team Zaza Pachulia. But we need to admit, that he is just as successful in the USA in social life.
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Tbilisi is distinguished by its versatile architecture. There is an old part of the city full of historical buildings, churches and small houses with special carvings and typical balconies.
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Tenders that shattered Georgia’s economy
17:15 26-12-2014
Tenders that shattered Georgia’s economy
 has repeatedly covered the issue of tenders repeatedly being canceled and slumped. Precisely the aforementioned tenders have thwarted the government in establishing the budget. Temur Maisaia, Deputy Chairman of Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, was the first to shed light on this issue. Mr. Maisaia is reportedly looking over this issue today. According to him, the activity of all companies is compulsory to study.

- Why have you decided to cast light on the issue of cancelled tenders?

-You know, it’s a slightly odd question. What else should have happened in the country? Our ministers reiterated that tenders had slumped and they failed to establish the budget. Precisely their failure to handle the issue of tenders resulted in a budget deficit and this was not surprising in the slightest. When a company wins a tender and fails to fulfill its entrusted duties, the state declares the same tender again and loses time. Consequently, the state fails to establish a budget and money ceases to circulate within the country. On top of that, their failure to meet a budget has inflicted irrecoverable harm to the Georgian people and has thrown the country’s economy off the proverbial cliff.

- What could you tell us regarding some important tenders having slumped recently?

- You know, all tenders that have been declared in Georgia deserve our attention. While looking over these tenders, we have come across some really serious deviations. As it appears, those at the helm of our companies were reluctant to accomplish their duties. They refused to toe the line and stubbornly put these tenders on hold. To put it straight, we have encountered deliberate violation of the law in all these companies; however, today we are oriented towards larger bodies since their move to neglect their responsibilities has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

- What kind of deviations have you discovered to be most frequent?

- As far as I can see, a key reason for bringing the process to a grinding halt was their eagerness to repeatedly put declared tenders on hold. Different organizations in Georgia have failed to fulfill their duties and postponed deadlines indefinitely. However, the worst thing is that the most promising companies fail to win these tenders. Obviously, such failures have battered our economy and depleted our budget. Likewise, when a company doubles the price of a tender after winning, laws are broken and its leadership must naturally pay a heavy price for this.

- In which spheres have such deviations mainly occurred?

- Everywhere. They have occurred everywhere in all infrastructural projects. Naming all these fields would take all day.

- Could you give us the names of the law-breaking companies or their managers?
- I will abstain from doing this for now. First we must look into this issue and carefully study its every detail. Because I am a MP and member of the committee, I cannot really accuse this or that company of violating the law now. 
My faction and I have voluntarily started looking into these cases and we are strongly determined to follow through with it. You know, every case is different and needs a specific approach.
Do you want me to tell you what has always bemused me? I would like to know how or in what manner do companies with such serious deviations managed to win these tenders at all!


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