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Inactivity made Georgian Dream obsolete – Nodar Sarjveladze
16:16 16-01-2015
Inactivity made Georgian Dream obsolete – Nodar Sarjveladze



InterPressNews sat down with Nodar Sarjveladze to discuss acute issues within Georgia’s internal and external policy.

- Has dissatisfaction with the Georgian Dream that fell short of our people’s exaggerated expectations faded away? Have tensions been cooled? What kind of political demands are the people likely to have in 2015?


- We are still faced with political confrontations and the Georgian people are still dissatisfied with the Dream Government that has failed to live up to their expectations. This tendency is likely to be maintained in the future too. Posts are still being distributed, fortune is still being shared. This is a rather tough process and is unlikely to end in the short run. 

I said it before and I will say it again: Shevardnadze’s, Saakashvili’s and Georgian Dream governments all share one common characteristic – they refused to deal with social problems and right the wrongs. If they want to restore people’s rights as well as justice in the country, then tackling poverty, creating jobs and promoting small business should be their top priorities.

The government is mainly oriented on implementing new regulations since they view these regulations as the only solution. Clearly though, regulations alone cannot bring about positive changes; people need stimulus to make breakthroughs in their lives.

In 2015, our people might not manage to bring all their problems to light; however, a social market economy – common in Christian-Democrat ideology - is expected to become an acute issue this year. The social market economy was originally promoted and implemented in West Germany by Christian Democratic Union (CDU) under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. In my mind, these ideas must be promoted and supported; time for this has already come.

- The public seems to ignore political spats between the new and the old governments and are waiting for the forthcoming elections. Do you think we will actually witness any major changes in our people’s mindset or in our political life?

- I don’t think so. Unfortunately, our people don’t like changes; neither do they easily accept them. If we really want changes in our country, we must adjust our mentality first. Though there are no Signs of this yet. We are strongly expected to dwell in stagnation this year too; nothing will change in our political life.
- Reports fly that the Republican Party plans to withdraw itself from the Georgian Dream Coalition. Do you think they will really take this step?

- I don’t know the ins and outs of the Republican Party; however, the Republicans actually stand a strong chance of leaving the coalition soon.

The Georgian Dream Coalition has exhausted all its energy. Their time is up.

The Republicans should just draw up a new strategy if they plan to stay in our political scene.
The Republicans know perfectly well that by countering the Nationals they will win nothing, which is why they are now opposing the Coalition. They deem this to be the only tool to remain in politics and they are strongly expected to use this tool in the future too.

As a matter of fact, the Georgian Dream became ancient history due to inactivity. Unlike the coalition, the Republicans are ready for reshufflings.

If you ask me even the party’s name “Georgian Dream” is not very handy. First of all, dreaming is a sin. If you look through the Book of Sin, you will see that daydreaming is among 172 sins. Orthodox Christians know that dreams are nothing more than impossible thoughts pushing you to be inactive and lazy.

I think that the Georgian Dream coalition also needs some new blood; the party must be restructured to the core.

The Republicans are really expected to abandon the coalition since there is nothing left to gain from this party. The Coalition can offer them nothing more.

- Ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili has reiterated that he will return to Georgia despite the fact that he is wanted inside the country as well as outside its borders. When journalists ask him how he plans to do this, his answer is: the Georgian people will help me do this. Do you think that the Georgian people will ever side with the Nationals and their leader again?

- Saakashvili is subjecting himself to ridicule. His statements are ridiculous and are not even worth taking into account. In my mind, Saakashvili is very well aware of the fact that he will never manage to return to his homeland. This is why he is making such statements today and wants everyone to think that his people back him.

- As you know, Kote Kublashvili’s term in office is running out. Do you think the acting authorities will be tempted to grant his post to a candidate that will be somehow linked to the Georgian Dream party?
- You know I will be immensely surprised if the government does not replace our Supreme Court Chairman Kote Kublashvili with a candidate that is associated with their party. However, I will be immensely glad if they refuse to give this responsible post to some axe-grinding politician.

- Most of our experts are criticizing the government’s policy towards Russia. However, don’t you think we should abstain from drawing Russia’s attention before it gets over the present impasse?

- Today we must focus mainly on our domestic problems. We’d better not get in Russian leader’s way now when he is trying to lead his people out of crisis and restore order in the country where crime is rife and laws are violated at every turn. Even if we wanted to cultivate relations with the Kremlin today, we would fail to do this since the Kremlin has more important things on its schedule today
Thus, we’d better mind our business and deal with our internal issues.

Koba Bendeliani

სხვა სიახლეები
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