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Artificial barriers installed by Russia will be destroyed by means of hope for future our people maintain – Georgian President
14:47 02-11-2017
Artificial barriers installed by Russia will be destroyed by means of hope for future our people maintain – Georgian President President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and his Estonian counterpart Kersti Kaljulad have arrived in the village of Khurvaleti to visit the occupation line.

As reported by Georgia’s Presidential Administration, Margvelashvili has provided the Estonian President with information on the situation at the occupied territories and focused on facts of violation of Georgian citizens’ rights living beyond the barbed wire fence.

President Margvelashvili has briefed his counterpart on the developments in the occupied territories of Georgia and highlighted the cases of human rights violation and kidnapping of Georgian citizens living close to the barbed wire fences, - the administration reports.

The two presidents have had a conversation with Data Vanishvili, the citizen of Georgia, living in the occupation line in the village of Khurvaleti and got acquainted with existing problems.

President Margvelashvili has thanked President Kaljulaid and the Estonian delegation for visiting the occupation line.

“I would like to thank Madame President for paying a visit to Khurvaleti like other European leaders have done it before and seeing the barbed wire fences and Tserovani IDP settlement with own eyes. She has witnessed the historic injustice in which the Eastern European country, Georgia has undergone. Many European leaders have witnessed this and now it is seen by the President of the country that currently holds the presidency of the Council of the EU.

People are kidnapped here every day; we saw another case of kidnapping just two days ago. Today we live in this environment; we build European Georgia in this environment; but these dreadful barriers will be demolished to the ground, like other artificial barriers have been destroyed in Europe.

They will be destroyed not by military force, but by the strong democratic course of my country and open minds and hopeful attitude of my people, living both in the occupied regions and territories under our control.

This is my country’s future and thank you for supporting and assisting Georgia on this path, “President Margvelashvili said.

President Kaljulaid has described the barbed wire fences as the “evil line” and presented a book written by the European Union Monitoring Mission about the lives of people living in the occupation line to President Margvelashvili.

“I may use all the correct diplomatic terminologies and say that of course, restoration of Georgian territorial integrity is important; of course we are disappointed that 42 rounds of Geneva International Discussions have not brought great results; of course we support that more attention should be paid to this conflict; and of course we continue making these points as strong as we can. But finally, are these people; the people who cannot have access to healthcare because there is a fence; people who cannot go and talk to their relatives because there is a fence.

Whichever euphemisms we are using for this line, there is a fence. It is about people. This book is actually a work by the European Union Monitoring Mission. I am very grateful that the EU has a Monitoring Mission in this region. I am proud to say that I have met three Estonians who currently work in this Mission. This way you can have ameliorated discussion and examine the cases of people getting lost close to this line. It is useful. We need to do it as long as we have a final solution. For this we need a more intense international process because there are people on the line,” President Kaljulaid stated.

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