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Opening ceremony for Kobuleti Bypass Road
16:28 26-06-2018
Opening ceremony for Kobuleti Bypass Road On 26th June, 2018 Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 2 project is officially finished. 18 km length way is opened and available to explore since today. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Premier Minister of Georgia and other officials attended the opening ceremony. As Bakhtadze said, the new way will shorten way from Tbilisi to Batumi by 20-30 minutes.

The project is implemented by the Chinese company SINOHYDRO Corporation Limited (here in after referred to as SINOHYDRO), which won the costliest highway contract in Georgia financed by ADB in 2012. Total amount of the Project was 130 million USD. With only around 18 m length, Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 2 is composed of numerous bridges, culverts and 2 tunnels. Bridge No. 9 was the longest and hardest one to implement. To guarantee the quality of this highest cast-in-situ bridge, the company used Mobile Scaffolding System (MSS) to keep on the cutting-edge of concrete structure construction. The middle pier is 42 m high; one span is 50 m long. The whole bridge is “S” shape. It has become one of the most beautiful scenes of Georgia.

“Till today transit cars were moving in the tourism zones. Now we already have new way till Batumi. This is very important project and it will support growth of inclusive economy in Adjara. The highway is connected to each village,” – said The Premier Minister.

Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 1 was finished by SINOHYDRO in 2014. Total length of the both lots is 31,7 km.

“As one of our important overseas markets, in the last 7 years, Georgia has achieved great progress in infrastructure and energy fields. We had the honor to have completed four projects including Rikoti tunnel rehabilitation project, Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 1, Tbilisi-Rustavi Road project and now Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 2. We are still implementing Samtredia-Grigoleti Lot 2 project and ZemoOsiauri-Chumateleti Lot 1 project. Our projects promote local economies and improve people’s lives,” – said representative of SINOHYDRO.

SINOHYDRO is the company which invests in Georgia a lot and on the other hand, employs lots of locals. For example, for the peak period of Kobuleti Bypass Road Lot 2 they employed 560 local people. In total 1200 local people worked for the project. 20/80 is proportion of employed Chinese and Georgian people. Georgians are employed in all levels. Some of them are decision makers, as well.

“We care for people who work for us. Sometimes there is injury and we immediate take them to local hospital. We have insurance for all Georgian and Chines employees. It is type of employer responsibility insurances,” – said representative of SINOHYDRO.

Social responsibility is one of the principles of the company. Therefore they care for the employees, for the environment.

“During our construction we built bridges and local roads for local residents in several villages free of charge. In past years whenever there was a natural disaster in Georgia, such as severe mountain landslide near Rikoti Tunnel on June 18, 2011 and major flooding in Tbilisi on June 13, 2015, we provided our construction equipment and personal plus donation for reestablishment at the earliest time. We plant a lot of trees from time to time. From time to time we also donated to local nursing house and presented school supplies to local kindergartens and primary schools,” - said representative of SINOHYDRO.

SINOHYDRO is one of the subsidiaries of POWERCHINA,whicha wholly state-owned company and by the end of 2016, it has 243 overseas offices in 102 countries throughout the world and executes 2156 diversified contracts involving survey and design consultation, project contracting, equipment supply and trading, etc. in 116 countries,.POWERCHINA provides comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing, consulting, civil works construction to M&E installation and manufacturing services in the fields of hydropower, thermal power new energy and infrastructure. POWERCHINA is the biggest power construction company in the world.

In 2017, POWERCHINA ranked the 190th among Fortune 500 enterprises, the 42nd among top 500 enterprises of China and the 22nd among 100 multinational corporations in China. Besides, it placed the 5th of the Top 250 Global Contractors and the 2nd of the Top 150 Global Design Firms according to ENR.
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