“I can wrestle with both arms, which is very uncommon.”
The Guardian reports about the best places to visit and best things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Sakdrisi was acknowledged as the oldest known mine in the world: at least 5,000 years old
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Unique Discovery at Abanotubani Archeological Digs
16:17 10-01-2012
Unique Discovery at Abanotubani Archeological Digs Archeological digs in the vicinity of Monastery of The Forth Martyrs of Sebaste in Abanotubani discovered unique material . As InterPressNews was told by the head of the archeological expedition, Merab Dzneladze, the materials confirm that there had to be a settlement here before capital of Georgia was moved to Tbilisi.
“Fence of the time of King Vakhtang Gorgasali was found in the vicinity of the monastery, and fence of the 1st century was found beyond it and the gate. The discovery is interesting as this kind of the first stage of Tbilisi as capital was had not been known before. It was a very important fact for the past of the capital. If it was considered that the capital was built by King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century, now it’s confirmed that there had been a settlement here before”, Merab Dzneladze said.
He explains that remains of bathhouses and a lot of antique things were discovered in the vicinity.
The archeological digs were carried out by the architecture group of National Museum and Patriarchate. The works were financed by Tbilisi City Hall and started in spring of past year.

სხვა სიახლეები
GEL depreciates again
The lari has yet again depreciated against the dollar and the euro.
Deputy Business Ombudsman responds to the protest near State Chancellery
Deputy Business Ombudsman Zurab Dznelashvili has responded to the protest held near the State Chancellery.
Price of the dollar at exchange booths increases
As a result of setting a new official exchange rate, price of the dollar at exchange booths has increased. 1 USD is equal to 2.17 GEL today, while yesterday it was equal to 2.13. Its selling price is teetering between 2.13-2.15.
Georgia takes another step forward - Richard Norland on the agreement between the Georgian government and Microsoft
As U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland has declared, Georgia’s role will be more significant due to signing a license agreement between the Georgian government and Microsoft.
All those involved in the attack on Irakli Gedenidze must be identified, GYLA claims
Georgia’s Young Lawyers Association has responded to the recent attack on IPN photo journalist Irakli Gedenidze and obstruction of his activities.
GEL depreciates again
After gaining value for several days, Georgia’s national currency has depreciated against USD and EUR again.
The World at 7 Billion
Launch of the Organized Cancer Screening Programme in Georgia
Within the framework of the annual Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW) the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia,