Defence Minister denies Georgian Junker committed violence against American female soldier

Defense Minister Levan Izoria has categorically denied the report as if Georgian Junker committed a violence against an American female soldier.

As Minister Izoria said at a special briefing on Monday the information released by one of the media outlets aims to decline public trust in the country, especially, in the Defence Ministry. According to him, the US Embassy has also denied the fact.

"I would like to respond to a campaign carried out by certain media outlets aiming to ruin the reputation of our reforms, the success we have in the defense field, to ruin the reputation of the growing positive dynamic we have with NATO and our strategic partners, I mean the international recognition of Georgia-NATO joint exercise.

I would like to focus on the latest information released by “Courier” [aired on Rustavi 2] on Saturday, about the violence committed by a Georgian Junker against an American female soldier. It was categorically denied not only by us, but also by the US Embassy.

I think this misinformation campaign is intended to decline trust in state institutions and especially in the defense forces in Georgia. They are trying to achieve it using lies, through groundless facts.

The government, together with the Georgian people, and I personally will do everything against such disinformation and misinformation. We will do it with facts and truth", the Defense Minister said.