Meeting between co-chairmen of Georgia-Azerbaijan commission to be held this week

A meeting between the co-chairmen of the renewed commission working on the Georgia-Azerbaijan issue will be held this week, - Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani told journalists after meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart at the 10th anniversary of Eastern Partnership in Brussels.

Asked whether he spoke with his Azeri counterpart about the Davit Gareji issue, Zalkaliani said he had constant communication with the Azerbaijan Foreign Minister.

"I have constant communication with my Azeri counterpart. We discussed this issue today too, of course. It has been agreed on that the co-chairs of the renewed commission will meet this week," the Foreign Minister said.

In addition, Zalkaliani called on the public and political parties to refrain from making emotional statements.

"I urge all political parties, representatives of the NGOs and the public to refrain from making emotional statements and give the commission co-chairs a chance to discuss this issue, because this is a very sensitive issue and we should put aside our emotions", - Davit Zalkaliani said.