Foreign Minister says agreement has been reached with France on legal employment of Georgians

“Legal employment of Georgian citizens abroad is one of the priority directions. This is an important step for preventing the growth of the number of asylum seekers”, -Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani told InterPressNews in Brussels.

To the InterPresNews question concerning the stage of negotiations with EU member states regarding the legal employment of Georgians abroad, Zalkaliani explained that there were pilot projects in this direction.

"This is one of the main directions of integration with the European Union and is a part of people-to-people contact and mobility. We have already started a bilateral dialogue with many countries. We have reached an agreement with France; we are working with Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Portugal and Israel, which is not a EU member.

In addition, certain pilot projects are being carried out together with the International Organization for Migration and we already have specific results. An inter-agency working group has been set up, which involves representatives of the Ministries of Health, Education and Foreign Affairs and naturally that we will take more steps in the future," Zalkaliani said.