PM about May 19 by-elections  : We can say that Georgia has passed this test

“We can say that Georgia passed this test,” the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, said while commenting about May 19 by-elections. As the Prime Minister said, the government is responsible to ensure the highest standard of elections in Georgia.

"Yesterday, Georgia held free and democratic elections once again. The candidates of the "Georgian Dream" won the elections in the first round. As for Mtatsminda, the election runoff will be held there and it’s an ordinary process. This is how the free choice, the high standard of democracy works. We can say that Georgia passed this test.

I am sure that the second round in Mtatsminda will be a clear example that there are always free and democratic elections in Georgia. Unfortunately, I want to point out that there is a political force that always tries to cause destruction, disgrace and unacceptable rhetoric during pre-election process and on the election day…Our, as the government’s, responsibility is to ensure the highest standard of elections in Georgia, which are suited to our values, our faith and our international aspirations, "PM Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

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