Kakha Kaladze says Lado Kakabadze and Shalva Shavgulidze carry out “amazing” election campaign

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze says Lado Kakabadze of the “Georgian Dream” candidate in Mtatsminda constituency as well as Shalva Shavgulidze of the European Georgia & Free Democrats in the same constituency have carried out an “amazing” election campaign.

Kakha Kaladze said in his interview with TV program “Evening Newsroom” aired on PalitraNews that the election campaigns of both candidates “were absolutely positive.”

“Lado Kakhadze and Shalva Shavgulidze held an amazing election campaign. I, of course, welcome it. The difference in opinions on certain issues is normal. It should be discussed constructively and not through obscenities and throwing bottles and glasses, " Kakha Kaladze said.

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