Parliament’s first vice speaker sees Russian interests behind aggressive groups

There was a particular aggression against our partner countries and their ambassadors. This is the indicator whose interests are behind the aggressive groups that we saw yesterday, First Vice Speaker of the Parliament Tamar Chugoshvili told journalists on Saturday.

Chugoshvili noted that there are the Russian interests behind the aggressive groups.

"The statements that we hear are encouraging violence. This is a fact and we see it. As for the specific legal errors, whether there are signs or not, I can not tell you as it’s up to the investigation to speak about. In general, threaten another person is a crime, but it must be a real threat. If there are no signs of crime, call for violence, I think in any case it is bad, "Chugoshvili said.

Asked why businessman Levan Vasadze has become active and whether it is acceptable that he mentioned America and Europe in bad context, Tamar Chugoshvili noted that these statements were made by other persons too and it is “totally unacceptable”.

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