‘European Georgia’ boycotting City Council sittings

The opposition “European Georgia” party has today announced that it is boycotting the sittings of City Council (Sakrebulo).

Giorgi Gabashvili, Chairman of the “European Georgia” faction in Tbilisi City Council, said at a briefing on Tuesday that the members of the faction would not attend the sittings until the situation was calmed down the country.

"Each of us sees what processes are taking place in Tbilisi. This is above-party , a large protest against what happened. It was sitting on the head of Georgia’s Parliament by the occupant, Gavrilov and following it, “Gavrilov’s tough night.” Under this circumstances, amid this protest, when resignation of Gakharia [interior minister], one of the major demands of the society, has not been satisfied and when the people [detained during the rally] are still imprisoned, we consider that attending the City Council sittings is totally incorrect and illogical. We are the part of this protest,” Gabashvili said.

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