Ambassador of France: This crisis gives Georgia opportunities as well

This crisis gives Georgia opportunities as well. We were observing on Facebook how all EU ambassadors supported the idea of traveling to Georgia. As for arrival of our tourists, we have discussed this issue with Batumi tourism office, - Pascal Meunier, Ambassador of France of Georgia, said when commenting on the decision of the Russian President to ban direct flights to Georgia.

According to the Ambassador, the Russian population can decide themselves where they want to go.

"If we recognize that Georgia had a reaction when it saw Gavrilov on the speaker's seat, we can also take into account the emotional reaction of Russia when they saw how their deputies had to hide and then leave the country. I think after everyone expresses emotions and feelings, it will be time to get back to reality and responsibility. So I hope that the statement made by Vladimir Putin, who said that he did not support sanctions and the positive reaction in Georgia will be followed by positive steps in the nearest future. Of course, the opposition will always criticize the government, but it will be better for the population and tourists if sanctions are lifted," said the French Ambassador.