Temur Gotsiridze and Benedikt Qashakashvili to replace Sophio Katsarava and Vano Zardiashvili in Parliament

Giorgi Kakhiani, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules, said consultations are being held on the candidates for the vacant positions in the Parliament, though the decision has not been made yet.

MP Kakhiani neither confirmed nor denied reports on his candidacy for the post of First Vice Speaker.

“Naturally, consultations are already underway to decide who will take the positions of committee chairmen and vice speaker. The public will soon be informed about this. We have to make this decision within a specific time frame. The parliamentary majority or fractions should announce candidates within one week,” Giorgi Kakhiani said.

He said Temur Gotsiridze and Benedikt Qashakashvili will replace Sophio Katsarava and Vano Zardiashvili in the Parliament.

Twelve Georgian Dream lawmakers have announced that they quit the parliamentary majority and their respective parliamentary positions, over the failure of the parliament of Georgia to pass the constitutional amendment envisaging transition to fully proportional electoral system from 2020. First Deputy Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili, Chair of Committee on European Integration Tamar Khulordava, her First Deputy, Chair and Deputy of Foreign Relations Committee and First Deputy Chairperson of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee were among the MPs , who quit the parliamentary positions and majority.

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