Bidzina Ivanishvili says Georgia is not returning to Europe “empty-handed”

"No one should think that we are returning to Europe empty-handed, we have always made our important contribution to European civilization, ” Bidzina Ivanishvili, the chairman of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party, said during his speech in Freedom Square on Saturday.

He said Georgia is a European culture.

"However, a state that is as different from the homeland as a pitcher from wine - has not always been of European type. Now it’s time to put Georgian, European wine - European culture, into the state of a European type.

Georgia should not simply return to Europe formally, but should have its own dazzling place in the constellation of Europe.

I believe in it strongly!

I believe, because I see that the Georgian people, the Georgian state and the Church of Georgia - are united and firm in this choice!

I believe because I know and see what European civilization is based on.

Democracy, the rule of law, equality and tolerance - are the values ​​that Europe is based on and is so deeply embedded in the Georgian spirit. It is this nature, these values ​​that make Georgia a natural part of Europe, "Ivanishvili said.

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