Giorgi Gakharia on Lavrov’s visit: This decision will also be taken in accordance with the Georgian law

Clearly, such decisions are made in accordance with Georgian legislation. This decision will also be taken in accordance with the Georgian law, - Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said when commenting on the statement of the Georgian President, according to which, Georgia is ready to host the Russian delegation at the Council of Europe Ministerial due to be held in Tbilisi in May.

"No one can override the Georgian legislation. Georgia is the President of the Council of Europe, and unfortunately, it is a fact that Russia has regained the membership of the Council of Europe. Let's emphasize that no one will be able to violate the Georgian legislation, the time will come and everything will be done in accordance with the legislation,” Gakharia said.

When asked whether the government seeks an option between fulfilling its international obligations and safeguarding national interests, the PM responded: “I am not looking for anything. We act in accordance with the laws of Georgia and if this legislation allows, we fulfill our international obligations. If it does not allow us to act so, we go to our partners and find another way out,"- said the Prime Minister.

Georgia, as the President, is due to host the Council of Europe's Ministerial in May and the delegations of the organization’s member states. According to reports, the Russian delegation is represented by Sergey Lavrov, who has repeatedly violated the Law on Georgia on the Occupied Territories.

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