Voters will be checked with thermal screening and two-meters distancing will be a must at the polling-centers during the Parliamentary Elections

The Parliamentary Elections will be conducted with the COVID-19 prevention measures.

As the head of the Parliament of Georgia, Archil Talakvadze stated with InterPressNews, the voting queues will be organized with 2-meters distancing and the voters will be checked through thermal screening.

In addition, the polling-centers will be equipped with sanitizers and desobarriers. As for the surfaces (such as tables, handles, etc.), they will be disinfected with special solutions.

According to Archil Talakvadze, prevention measures will be part of election campaigns and meetings with the electorate.

"The government is already working on security rules and recommendations which will be given for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections. The security measures will lower the risks of the spread of Coronavirus to its minimum, won't restrict the election campaign, and will ensure the right to vote.

The recommendations under consideration are following: respecting distancing during election campaigns, recommendations to use public spaces for gatherings, wearing masks at the public spaces, thermal screening, sanitizers and desobariers, using special solutions for surfaces (such as tables, handles, etc.), organizing voters queues with 2-meters distance, using additional hygiene measures during counting the votes, etc. Central Elections Committee alongside with the Ministry of Healthcare and the NCDC will draft the recommendations package which will be consulted with the government and the parliament. It goes without saying that the observation missions and the political parties will be included in the consultation process too", - stressed Archil Talakvadze

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