TI Georgia: 21 MPs did not use their right to a speech in 2019

According to Transparency International - Georgia's report assessing the parliamentary performance, 21 MPs did not use their right to a speech in 2019.

"Within the framework of its parliamentary monitoring activities, Transparency International Georgia assessed the performance of the Parliament in the period covering January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019", - reads the report.

According to TI Georgia, the majority of MPs who didn't exercise their right to a speech are from the Georgian Dream."Despite the increase in MPs who make speeches, 21 MPs did not use their right to a speech during the reporting period at all. These MPs are the following: Irakli Abuseridze (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Levan Bezhanidze (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Ruslan Gajiev (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Makhir Darziev (Majority), Mukhran Vakhtangadze (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Zaza Kedelashvili (Faction European Georgia), Teimuraz Kokhreidze (Majority), Ioseb Makrakhidze (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Samvel Manukyan (Majority), Enzel Mkoyan (Majority, Majoritarian Member of Parliament), Giorgi Mosidze (Independent Member, Majoritarian) Roman Muchiashvili (Majority, Majoritarian Member of Parliament), Ramaz Nikolaishvili (Independent Member), Ruslan Poghosyan (Majority), Dimitri Samkharadze (Majority), Erekle Tripolski (Majority), Goderdzi Chankseliani (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Archil Khabadze (Majority), Irakli Khakhubia (Majority, Majoritarian MP), Elguja Gotsiridze (Majority, Majoritarian MP), and Viktor Japaridze (Majority)", - reads the report.

With regards to the most active MP in terms of initiating the draft law, according to the report, it's MP Rati Ionatamishvili from the majority.

"The most active participant of plenary sessions from the parliamentary majority - Anri Okhanashvili The most active participant of plenary sessions from a faction outside the majority (opposition) - Eka Beselia The author of most deputy questions - Sergi Kapanadze The Legal Issues Committee as the most active committee", - notes the report.

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