Giga Bokeria: They can't bribe the will of Georgian people, it's a humiliation of our citizens

One of the leaders of European Georgia, MP Giga Bokeria, states that the social assistance package which was presented today by PM Giorgi Gakharia is an attempt to bribe the citizens before the elections. As Bokeria told the reporters, such statements towards the citizens are humiliating.

"This is a combination of intimidation and bribery. This is what Ivanishvili and his "clowns" are offering to people - they'll be rejected. If you express your free will you will be punished, if not - they will throw such humiliating "assistance" to you. Of course, it is utterly damaging for the democratic process and endangers the country.

Naturally, we should diminish all those risks with every lever. I don't want anyone to think that this will determine the fate of the elections - they can't bribe the will of Georgian people. If we remember Gakharia's statement, they have this very model - we'll take away the money which was earned by your labor and then we'll throw it back to you in the form of assistance. We should all say no to this. This is a humiliating model from a non-accountable oligarch who's having fun with our fate. The bribery is the part of this model", - stated Bokeria.

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