Opposition parties sign agreement on economic and education reforms

Opposition parties Girchi, European Georgia, National Movement, Strategy Builder and United Georgia signed the third part of the agreement between the opposition.

According to the representatives of the signatory parties, the aim of the memorandum is to get the country out of the economic crisis after the Georgian Dream is removed from power.

According to Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strategy Builder, the opposition agrees on the principle of fundamental reforms that should be implemented in the fields of economy and education.

"Opposition manages to reach an agreement on the fundamental reforms that the country desperately needs. First and foremost, these are economic and education reforms. These are the two most important directions and this is the preparation for the new generation of coalition government to come to power. We won't be looking for new solutions once we come to power - because we know from today that there should be more decentralization in education, teachers should be valued, freed from political pressure. People need to register property. People should not have a problem with land registration, etc. The main and fundamental thing is that we are the people who are together for the benefit of the population. We have people in power who think about themselves only. This is the difference between us and them and I am sure we will have a very serious result. Georgia is in the worst crisis today. We are discussing and signing ways out of this crisis", - Vashadze said.

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