Azer Suleimanov says two members of National Movement and journalists were injured in clashes in Marneuli

According to Azer Suleimanov, the majoritarian candidate of the United National Movement, Gia and Lasha Kveladze, members of the United National Movement, were injured during clashes between representatives of the United National Movement and the Georgian Dream in Marneuli.

The local correspondent of the Main Channel, Jeyhun Muhammad Ali, was also injured.

Azer Suleimanov links the incident with the Georgian Dream.

"The car of Givi Kveladze, our representative of the Central Election Commission, was parked here, when several activists of the Georgian Dream arrived. Specifically, Amiran Giorgadze, Chairman of the City Council, started swearing. After that, several more men came, including sportsmen, who started the physical conflict. As a result, Givi Kveladze and his son were injured. They are at the hospital. The car is completely destroyed.

In addition, the journalist of the Mtavari Arkhi (Main Channel), Jeyhun Muhammad Ali, has recently been assaulted. He was physically retaliated by the Georgian Dream," Suleimanov said.

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