PM - We must hold the best and ideal elections in this country
PM to opposition lawmakers – Colleagues, you look tired and you can't rein in your own ego
Czech FM : Steps taken by the de facto office holders in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as Russia, undermine stability in the region
PM - I think this country deserves a little better and more competent opposition
Majority leader says PM already gave replies to questions put within interpellation by opposition
Morgan Ortagus : The U.S. condemns ongoing "borderization” by Russian-led security forces
Lawmakers to hear PM in Parliament within interpellation format today
Salome Zourabichvili: The pandemic has challenged everyone and exposed everyone's strengths and weaknesses
Zurab Abashidze: It is unfortunate that the Russian side chose the Independence Day for making such a harsh statement
Russian Foreign Ministry says Russian specialists should have access to all buildings while visiting Lugar Center in Georgia
U.S. Embassy issues statement on ‘borderization’ along the ABL, as well as disinformation campaign against Lugar Center
FM Zalkaliani says Tbilisi is ready to grant Russian specialists access to Lugar Lab but only with involvement of international experts
MP Roman Gotsiridze : PM arrived in parliament with empty hands and pockets
Giga Bokeria to PM : We believe that there were political prisoners in Georgia and one political prisoner is still in prison
PM – Georgia has the lowest number of deaths per 100 of its inhabitants among 49 European countries
Khatuna Burkadze – In the post-pandemic period, Georgia will continue to overcome challenges and implement reforms with the EU support
Which renewable energy source is favored by experts