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Tao-Klarjeti is a part of Georgian historical region of Upper Kartli, Mesxeti.
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Police confirm arrest of 1 suspect in Barcelona
22:31 17-08-2017
The police force for Spain's Catalonia region says it has arrested a man in the Barcelona van attack and is "treating him as a terrorist."
Barcelona terror: Police identifies van driver
22:23 17-08-2017
A man suspected of hiring a van used in the Barcelona terror attack which left at least 13 people dead has been identified as Driss Oukabir.
Death toll in Barcelona attack reaches 13
21:37 17-08-2017
A van plowed into crowds in the heart of Barcelona on Thursday and Spanish media reported at least 13 people were killed, in what police said they were treating as a terrorist attack, Reuters reports.
Van crashes into crowds in Barcelona, media say several killed
20:20 17-08-2017
A van crashed into dozens of people in the center of Barcelona and Spanish media said 4 people were killed and 30 injured.
Verbal confrontation occurs between protesters and law enforcers
19:37 17-08-2017
An incident has occurred between the protesters and law enforcers in front of the Railway Administration building.
It is important all agencies to protect labuor rights - Ana Dolidze
19:17 17-08-2017
A meeting between President’s Parliamentary Secretary Ana Dolidze and representatives of the Railway Administration has completed. As Ana Dolidze told journalists after the meeting, the Railway Administration is ready for dialogue.
Giorgi Sigua says he is not going to escape as he has nothing to hide
18:36 17-08-2017
It is funny when some people say that I am going to escape and hide, as I have nothing to hide, - said Giorgi Sigua, founder of the GEM Fest music festival.
Detainee charged with murder rejects Georgian citizenship
18:05 17-08-2017
The lawyer of Mikheil Iashvili, the person who was arrested on the charge of murdering a person on Chonkadze Street yesterday, says Iashvili’s health condition has deteriorated. According to him, law enforcers physically abused him during the detention.
Investigative Department releases statement on investigation into GEM Fest case
17:45 17-08-2017
The Investigative Department of the Ministry of Finance has released a statement with regard to the GEM Fest music festival.
Archil Talakvadze to lead meeting between ruling party and opposition tomorrow
16:55 17-08-2017
Irakli Kobakhidze, the Chairman of the Parliament and the State Constitutional Commission, will not participate in the meeting with the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition.
Ukraine's State Border Service says it will not let Mikheil Saakashvili in
16:29 17-08-2017
Ukraine's State Border Service will refuse Mikheil Saakashvili to enter Ukraine he arrives at any of the checkpoints, - Oleg Slobodian, spokesperson for Ukraine's Border Service, told Ukrainstaya Pravda.
The more people are involved in the negotiation process, the better - Levan Tarkhnishvili
16:02 17-08-2017
Considering how the constitutional process had been underway up to now, we can say that the more people are involved in the negotiation process, the better, - Levan Tarkhnishvili, a member of the European Georgia, told InterpressNews when commenting on tomorrow’s planned meeting.
Car of Russian tourists catches fire near Okatse canyon
15:43 17-08-2017
Fire broke out in a car in the vicinity of Okatse canyon, western Georgia, with Russian tourists inside, eye-witnesses report.
Ketevan Tsikhelashvili hopes that pressure on civil activist Tamar Mearakishvili will end
14:44 17-08-2017
State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality Ketevan Tsikhelashvili hopes that pressure on civil activist Tamar Mearakishvili will end and all families will be able to live in their homes safely.
It is important the Georgian Dream to understand that compromise is agreement not in the Georgian Dream's team but among different political forces - Tina Bokuchava
13:08 17-08-2017
It is important the Georgian Dream to understand what compromise is - this is an agreement not in the Georgian Dream's team but among different political forces, - Tina Bokuchava, a member of the faction National Movement, told journalists when commenting on the meeting between the ruling party and the opposition due to be held tomorrow.
Person, suspected of committing murder in Tbilisi yesterday, arrested
12:50 17-08-2017
According to reports, a person, suspected of committing murder on Chonkadze Street yesterday, has been arrested. According to an employee of the store located near Chonkadze Street, law enforcers arrived and detained the murder suspect today.
Any attempt to exclude constitutional bodies and NGOs from the constitutional process will cast shadow on the whole process - Ana Dolidze
12:48 17-08-2017
According to the President, meeting with political parties is only the beginning of the process of driving the constitutional reform out of a deadlock and the next step should be dialogue with constitutional bodies and public groups.
Information on Atoneli residence becomes confidential
12:13 17-08-2017
Information related to the residence on Atoneli street has become a state secret, - the National Agency of State Property of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development told InterPressNews.
Eka Beselia hopes compromises will be reached at tomorrow’s meeting between ruling party and opposition
12:01 17-08-2017
Georgian Dream MP Eka Beselia hopes that readiness for compromises will be shown at the meeting between the ruling party and the opposition due to be held in parliament tomorrow.
Nikora shop robbed in Tbilisi
10:53 17-08-2017
Nikora's shop was robbed by two armed persons on Gorgasali Street in Tbilisi. Some products and money was taken away by them.
Ministry of Economy denies reports on dismissal of Head of National Tourism Administration
10:29 17-08-2017
The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has denied reports on the dismissal of Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of the National Tourism Administration, and his connection with GEM Fest.
Tskhinvali releases civil activist detained in Akhalgori
10:15 17-08-2017
Tamar Mearakishvili, civil activist detained in the occupied district of Akhalgori, has been released from the de facto prosecutor's office of Tskhinvali.
19:07 17-08-2017
Fire has broken out in the Gori Castle. Initially fire caught grass and later it covered almost the whole area of the castle.
15:30 17-08-2017
As of July 017, the number of pensioners in Georgia was 725 963, including 514 647 women and 211 316 men.
11:51 17-08-2017
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence urged Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Mexico to break ties with North Korea on Wednesday, adding that "all options" are on the table with regards to the Asian state.
GEM Fest founder says everyone will receive their money
GEM Fest founder Giorgi Sigua has returned from Macedonia and plans to hold a press conference in the near future.
South Korean leader says he's confident war will be averted
South Korean President Moon Jae-in marked his first 100 days in office Thursday by issuing a statement that very likely pleased his nation’s 50 million inhabitants.
Civil activist Tamar Mearkishvili again summoned to de facto prosecutor's office tomorrow
Civil activist Tamar Mearakishvili is again summoned to the de facto prosecutor's office of Tskhinvali for interrogation tomorrow.
Mikheil Saakashvili calls on Ukrainian government not to turn his return to Ukraine into circus
According to former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, the Ukrainian government has no legal basis not to let him in Ukraine.
Mikheil Saakashvili says he will return to Ukraine on September 10
Former President of Georgia and former governor of Odessa district Mikheil Saakashvili said that he will return to Ukraine on September 10.
 Governmental team and opposition to hold meeting on August 18 at Parliament
The governmental team and opposition will hold a meeting on August 18 at the Parliament of Georgia. As IPN has been informed, the meeting will be held at 17;00 at Tbilisi palace.
 Dollar price equals 2.3885 GEL
The dollar official price has become 2.3885 GEL. The National Bank of Georgia has set a new exchange rate according to which the lari has slightly gained value against the dollar.
“Deprived Adolescence” - UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri
UNFPA Georgia presents the photo exhibition by Daro Sulakauri “Deprived of Adolescence” on March 11, 2016, 16:00 at Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art (MOMA Tbilisi - 27 Rustaveli Av).