Georgia’s landscape is blessed with several unique mountainous regions. One of them is Tusheti
An unexpected exchange took place at the World Championship in judo that was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. A sparring match
James Appathurai, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, has published a photo
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Exchange Rates
Closure of talk-shows before elections will negatively influence on media diversity – TI Georgia
19:44 31-08-2015
According to non-governmental organization Transparency International – Georgia, closure of Imedi TV talk-shows will have a negative impact on media diversity.
Clashes between the police and the protestors in Kyiv have ceased
18:30 31-08-2015
As a Kyiv’s police press-service has reported, clashes between the police and the protestors have ceased in the Ukrainian capital city.
Kiev clashes leave one dead and 100 injured
17:41 31-08-2015
A police officer has died in clashes that occurred near the Ukrainian Rada in Kiev on Monday. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has stated that the number of those injured has hit 100. As reported, ten of them are in a critical condition.
Partnership Fund launches construction of Nenskra Hydropower Plant
17:17 31-08-2015
The Partnership Fund has launches construction of the controversial Nenskra Hydropower Plant. The fund, along with Korean company K-Water, the Georgian government, Commercial Operator of Electro-energetic Systems and JSC Georgia Electric System have signed the implementation agreements package
Price of 1 USD equals 2.3493 GEL
17:07 31-08-2015
The National Bank of Georgia has set a new exchange rate, according to which the GEL has slightly depreciated against the dollar.
Mid-term elections to be held on October 31
16:14 31-08-2015
The Central Election Commission has set a date of mid-term parliamentary elections. According to the commission, the elections will be held on October 31.
Thirty police officers injured in Kiev clashes
16:10 31-08-2015
Some 30 Ukrainian law enforcement officers were injured in the clashes, a local TV channel reports. Press service of Ukraine's National Guard reduces the number of the injured to 20, two of whom are in serious condition.
Group of protesters tries to invade the Ukrainian Rada
15:54 31-08-2015
The clashes came shortly after the Rada's approval of President Petro Poroshenko's proposed constitutional amendments on decentralization in the first reading.
Weapons hidden during Aslan Abashidze’s rule in Adjara found
15:26 31-08-2015
Weapons and munitions that were sunk in Khulo municipality’s Green Lake when Aslan Abashidze was head of Adjara’s government have recently been found.
Merabishvili, Akhalaia and Ugulava have no privileges in penitentiary institutions – Minister of Corrections
14:49 31-08-2015
As Minister of Corrections Kakha Kakhishvili has told the Asaval-Dasavli newspaper in an interview, former Interior Minister Vano Merbiashvili, ex-Defense Minister Bachana Akhalaia and former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava receive no privileges in penitentiary institutions at all.
Former Deputy Interior Minister Levan Gvazava is not held responsible - Lawyer
14:34 31-08-2015
“Levan Gvazava still remains unconscious, but his life is no longer threatened,” told lawyer of Gvazava family Darejan Gilashvili to InterPressNews. According to her, doctors have already informed Gvazava’s family that the patient’s health condition is stable.
Non-parliamentary opposition demands that the government stop pressuring the media
14:16 31-08-2015
Non-parliamentary opposition parties have released a joint statement concerning closure of political talk shows at Imedi TV, calling on the government to stop pressuring the media.
Azerbaijan’s greatest internet provider shows interest in purchasing Caucasus Online’s internet cable
14:04 31-08-2015
As a Kviris Palitra weekly newspaper reports, Azerbaijan’s greatest internet provider “Azeronline” is interested in buying Caucasus Online’s internet cable. Kviris Palitra newspaper has recently published an article on this topic.
Average economic growth consisted 2.6% in the first 7 months of 2015
12:46 31-08-2015
According to preliminary data, average economic growth comprised 2.6% in the first months of 2015.
Soso Danelia presented as a Georgian Dream candidate for Martvili, Samegrelo region
11:48 31-08-2015
Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has presented candidacies for Martvili and Sagarejo in the mid-term parliamentary elections.
Tamar Khidasheli put forward as Georgian Dream’s candidate in Sagarejo, Kakheti region
11:40 31-08-2015
Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvilii has presented Tamar Khidasheli as a candidate for the Sagarejo mid-term elections.
Foreigners also took part in the invasion of Batumi Dolphinarium
11:22 31-08-2015
Representatives of “Animal Protection Federation” have provided an explanation of the Batumi Dolphinarium incident.
U.S. and Ukraine launch joint navy exercises
10:48 31-08-2015
As Ukrainian media reports, U.S. and Ukraine are launching joint navy exercises today. As planned, the exercises will continue till September 12
MIA launches investigation into the Batumi Dolphinarium incident
10:33 31-08-2015
Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the Batumi Dolphinarium incident on charges of hooliganism and vandalism.
Closure of programs was a political decision - Imedi TV anchor Inga Grigolia
09:48 31-08-2015
It is a political decision, they did not want me to be on a TV screen ahead the elections, - Imedi TV anchor Inga Grigolia said when commenting on the Imedi TV Company’s decision
6 men break through the Batumi Dolphinarium, several guards injured
09:47 31-08-2015
6 men have intruded in the Batumi Dolphinarium and demanded release of dolphins, - Dolphinarium’s PR manager Berdia Kutubidze told InterpressNews.
19:55 31-08-2015
Fresh claims have emerged suggesting that President Putin tried to buy property on the Costa del Sol in a deal arranged by a Russian mafia boss,
19:17 31-08-2015
If the EU doesn’t succeed in fairly distributing refugees coming from war-torn countries, the passport-free Schengen zone will need to be reviewed,
15:56 31-08-2015
Austrian authorities toughened controls along the country's eastern borders on Monday, stopping hundreds of refugees and arresting five traffickers in a clampdown
Syria's Palmyra temple of Bel damaged by IS
The Islamic State (IS) militant group has destroyed part of what's considered the most important temple at the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra, the BBC reports.
EU calls emergency meeting of European leaders over migration crisis
The EU has called an emergency meeting of European leaders to address the growing migration crisis, foreign media reports.
Egypt parliament elections to be held in October and November
Egypt's election commission has announced that a long-awaited parliamentary election will be held in two stages in October and November.
4 injured in elevator crash
4 people have been hurt when an elevator collapsed in the Tarrasa 360 café.
Imedi TV suspends public-political talks shows
Imedi TV has suspended airing public-political talks shows.
Georgian judo team earns bronze medal
Georgian judo team has taken the third place in the World Championship in Astana.
The World at 7 Billion
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin; United Nations Under-Secretary-General and UNFPA Executive Director