On 27 March, Germany’s National Football Team arrived in Tbilisi. As soon as the world champions landed, they headed to the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.
Merely five years ago, the phrase “Georgian gaming” would have made anyone, including this author, chuckle. Back then the concept itself was so unrealistic
On March 20-21 Nino Katamadze and the band “Insight” held a concert at the Moscow International Music House.
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Exchange Rates
“Funeral service” for Georgia’s national currency held
27 minutes ago
The “funeral service” for the GEL was held near Bidzina Ivanishvili’s residence. According to Beso Shengelaia, the event was planned on the social net and several NGOs have taken part in it.
Joni Gigani supposes Berso Khardziani’s murder has something to do with trials
12:12 29-03-2015
According to a businessman Joni Gigani, Beso Khardziani’s murder has something to do with trials. He made this comment at the emergency center yesterday.
PM calls on Interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s Office to do everything to investigated Khardziani’s murder
12:00 29-03-2015
Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili has addressed Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor’s Office to do everything to investigate businessman Besik Khrdziani’s murder in the shortest period of time. He has offered his deepest condolences to Besik Khardziani’s family.
From my point of view, government should attend President’s speech - Tina Khidasheli
11:26 29-03-2015
As one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority Tina Khidasheli has told reporters, it is very significant for the state the government to attend the President’s speech.
Beso Khardziani said he might be killed - Dachi Tasguria
11:03 29-03-2015
As Dachi Tsaguria has told reporters at the Republican Hospital, Beso Khardizani expected he might be killed. “He had told it to me and may other people,” Dachi Tsaguria said.
Neighbors say Khardziani’s son saw somebody spying on their house
10:33 29-03-2015
Businessman Beso Khardziani’s son said he had noticed a stranger spying on their house for two days, - Khardziani’s neighbors told reporters.
It is the dirtiest thing to accuse a person of such dirty things without any ground - Gia Udesiani
10:18 29-03-2015
Gia Udesiani has made a comment on Beso Khardziani’s murder on Rustavi 2 TV.
Special investigation team assigned to Beso Khardziani’s murder
10:16 29-03-2015
A special investigative team has been set up to launch a probe into the murder of businessman Beso Khardziani.
35 minutes ago
France will elect thousands of local councillors on Sunday as it holds the second round of departmental elections.
39 minutes ago
An Air Canada passenger jet skidded off the runway after a "hard landing" at the Halifax airport in Nova Scotia, authorities said, sending 25 people to the hospital.
44 minutes ago
Arab foreign ministers meeting in Egypt on Thursday agreed to establish a unified military force for rapid intervention to deal with security threats to Arab nations.
Motorcycle of Khardziani’s alleged killer found on Kekelidze Street
The motorcycle, allegedly used in Beso Khardziani’s murder was found on Kekelidze Street, Vake district of Tbilisi.
The trail leads to just one man - Beso Khardziani’s sister
The trail leads to just one man, who was after my brother in prison too, - Khardziani’s sister Maia said.
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Launch of the Organized Cancer Screening Programme in Georgia
Within the framework of the annual Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW) the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia,