Georgian fans love captain of the Georgian national basketball team Zaza Pachulia. But we need to admit, that he is just as successful in the USA in social life.
Georgian model Ana Akhvlediani became a mother. Ana Akhvlediani married to Giorgi Beraia in July, 2018. The couple has a daughter.
Tbilisi is distinguished by its versatile architecture. There is an old part of the city full of historical buildings, churches and small houses with special carvings and typical balconies.
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What does David Narmania have in store for Tbilisi in 2015?
17:28 31-12-2014
What does David Narmania have in store for Tbilisi in 2015?

From 2015, demolition of old buildings and new ones being built in their place is planned in two old Tbilisi districts. City Hall also plans to build multi-level parking garages. Introduction of new buses for the disabled is also planned.

Business Rezonansi newspaper interviewed Tbilisi’s Mayor David Narmania to find out what kind of novelties he holds in store for the city.

- What kind of changes have you brought about in the city since you were elected Mayor?

- First of all, we restored two-way traffic Pushkini Street. We also reconsidered and thoroughly analyzed all important agreements with “City Park”, and other companies.
Plus, we cut down on different administrative expenses and managed to spare financial resources that were later poured into different projects. In addition, we repaired roads and introduced other positive changes to lives of Tbilisi’s population.

- Has a solution been found to the City Park issue?

- In order to solve this issue, we commissioned an independent audit company “Ernst & Young” to subject our contract with City Park to legal and financial analysis and give us recommendations. They are expected to be ready in January.

- Our people are worried about battered roads, riddled with potholes and ditches. Do you plan to restore them soon?

- Road repairs are already underway; more than 40 roads are being renovated in the city today. Some of them will be restored by the end of January, while other projects will be completed next year. Water pipes under more than 80 roads of Tbilisi are to be replaced with new ones and these roads will also be repaired afterwards.

- Have you already formulated a strategy to settle this issue once and for all?

- We are actively working on this issue; the strategy is being outlined.

- The issue of housing is also rather acute these days. How do you plan to hammer out a solution to it?

- This issue is comprised of two components: private houses and corporate buildings. Projects for corporate buildings were terminated long ago.
We have already mobilized 5 million GEL to build 3 blocks of houses in the city. Thanks to the help of our investors, old buildings will soon be torn down and replaced with new apartments. We are making arduous efforts to keep our investors’ interest in projects at a boil. In addition, we plan to construct new buildings in Chugureti and Nadzaladevi districts.

- One of your most pressing challenges is traffic jams. How do you plan to tackle this issue?

- This is a really serious problem; however, we can negotiate this challenge as well. For this purpose, we have already created a coordinating group made up of patrol police, Tbilisi Technical University, different NGOs and other organizations.

In addition, we intend to modernize municipal infrastructure, repair roads, restore two-way traffic and execute other projects including that of adapting traffic lights to a more modern system.

- When will the construction of Tbilisi's by-pass road be seen through?

- This project was elaborated by the central government and is expected to be brought to an end next year. After that, road construction efforts will begin.

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