President’s Administration welcomes the launch of investigation into pardoning of convicts by President
Ombudsman urges Parliament to launch investigative commission if Prosecutor’s Office fails to provide  convincing information
Ombudsman calls on MPs to summon Chief Prosecutor to Parliament over Temirlan Machalikashvili's case
57% of NDI respondents are undecided voters
NDI – President’s rating declines
Majority of NDI respondents think government used excessive force against June 20 rally protesters
Majority of NDI respondents assess government's performance as ‘bad’
NDI - Tbilisi Mayor is most liked political leader
PM calls on Cabinet to uphold principle of bureaucratic spending cuts
Estonian President: In just three months after the US-Georgia war, Europe returned to normal relations with Russia and it was a huge mistake
PM thanks PACE for the resolutions in support of Georgia
European Georgia: People concerned contact President's Parliamentary Secretary and negotiate the price of pardoning
PM on Kahzaradze’s statement: I will wait and see what else he says
Giorgi Gakharia: Pardoning of murderers of a police officer and or any murderer is absolutely unacceptable
Mamuka Khazaradze says he was not eager to make a statement on Salome Zourbalishvili in the pre-election period
Matthew Bryza  : That’s a big problem, the US President usually is not listening to his most senior advisers saying “pay attention to Georgia”