Charles Michel: This agreement is not the finish line, this agreement is the starting point for your work towards consolidating Georgia’s democracy
Carl Hartzell invites all elected Members of Parliament of Georgia to sign agreement at EU Delegation office today
Charles Michel to arrive in Georgia today
Department of State: We welcome the agreement reached in Georgia on April 19, implementation will be equally important
Charles Michel: I am tonight in Brussels, but my heart is tonight in Georgia
Charles Michel congratulates political leaders of Georgia on signing “the deal out of the current crisis”
EU-brokered document signed by Georgian Dream and opposition parties except for National Movement and European Georgia
Joseph Borrell: I urge all parties to find a way out of impasse in order to continue democratic consolidation
Girchi-More Freedom to sign new document proposed by Charles Michel
President: I am surprised by the use of my name by the ruling party relating to pardon without my consent
President ready to pardon Giorgi Rurua on certain conditions
Georgian Dream expresses readiness to sign updated document brokered by Charles Michel
Nika Melia: Paying ransom for my freedom is unacceptable to me, I cannot and will not make this deal!
Lelo for Georgia to sign document proposed by mediator
Strategy Builder: We believe we should sign the document proposed by our impartial and fair Western mediators
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze - It is essential to accelerate Georgia's membership in NATO through the strong support of the US and other members of the Alliance.
Georgia and Its Main Strategic Partner: Marking New Principles in Relations?