Parliamentary majority to discuss constitutional changes on electoral system today
Parliament rejects draft law on change of electoral system
Elizabeth Rood : We remain deeply concerned about the developments at the administrative boundary line
Plenary session is underway amid mutual accusations between lawmakers
Business Ombudsman says his resignation is linked to alternative plans
Business Ombudsman, Deputy Business Ombudsman step down
Ana Dolidze: The move of the Public Defender is late
Secretary General of the Council of Europe: The main objective of my visit is to prepare Georgia for the Presidency of Council of Europe
Public Defender demands the rule of selection of Supreme Court judicial candidates to be declared unconstitutional
Elizabeth Rood: Kelly Degnan will come here fully committed to do everything possible to strengthen the U.S.
Elizabeth Rood: I urge Georgians to learn about the available opportunities if they are interested in working in the United States
Georgia to chair Council of Europe for six months from November 27
EU releases statement on developments in South Ossetia
UN Office in Georgia : Nino Sukhishvili has not been suspended as a National Goodwill Ambassador
CoE Secretary General arrives in Georgia
Matthew Bryza  : That’s a big problem, the US President usually is not listening to his most senior advisers saying “pay attention to Georgia”