Fire in Abastumani forest is fully extinguished
Firefighting works continue in Abastumani forest
Armenia reports 612 new cases of coronavirus while the overall number passes 15 000
Nikol Pashynian and his family recover from coronavirus
Russia reports 112 deaths and 8 985 new cases of coronavirus in last 24h
Armenian PM: About 200 people infected with coronavirus wait for their turn to be hospitalized - 2 individuals have died due to lack of space in intensive care units
Russia reports 197 deaths and 8855 new cases of coronavirus in last 24h
MFA: Davit Zalkaliani reaffirms Georgia's readiness to help Armenia in a talk with his counterpart
Locum tenens Shio: We hope that our brotherhood with Azerbaijan continues and that the truth establishes
Armenian PM: We have a bad news, the situation is worsening
9 citizens of Turkey have been detained for illegally crossing the border
Government opens Marneuli municipality, quarantine removed
6 new cases of coronavirus reported in Bolnisi
Police provide enforcement of strict quarantine measures in Geta village, Bolnisi municipality
Entry/exit restrictions lifted in Rustavi and Gardabani
Victor Kipiani - My recommendation would be to study thoroughly practical ways and requirements for joining the White House’s recently announced “Economic Prosperity Network”
Multi-purpose Dams and their Diverse Benefits