Ambulatory clinic rehabilitated by JSC Nenskra Hydro opens in Chuberi
Three helicopters tackle forest fire in Kvareli Municipality
Pankisi Gorge residents say Zelimkhan Khangoshvili killed in Germany
Abducted seven Georgian citizens are in Tskhinvali isolator
Three tourists injured in Batumi
Unconfirmed report : 5 people, including one child, killed in road accident in Tusheti
Floods destroy bridge over river, sweep away cars in Mestia
Report: Georgian, Azeri sides meeting in Davit Gareji
Three citizens of Armenia, including two miners, die on road accident in Georgia
Slovak tourist dies in Svaneti
Sulkhan Ghlonti appointed as Deputy Minister of Finances and Economics of Adjara
German tourist dies in Georgia
MIA : One Georgian citizen killed, another – injured in Tusheti road accident
Singer Zura Khachidze appointed as Deputy Governor of Samtskhe-Javakheti region
Two missing teens found by police
Matthew Bryza  : That’s a big problem, the US President usually is not listening to his most senior advisers saying “pay attention to Georgia”