Light vehicle traffic on the Faravni pass, spanning from km 94 to km 110 on the Koda-Fartskhisi-Manglisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda highway, has been reestablished
Trailer and semi-trailer traffic on the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni road (km 17-km 106) has been reinstated
Nenskra Hydro has created a new website to promote domestic tourism in Svaneti
Occupied Abkhazia reports 1 new case of coronavirus
Coronavirus: Georgia reports 1 new case, 11 recoveries
U.S. Embassy statement on the death of George Floyd and protests in the United States
Giorgi Ramishvili's press office releases statement
Government report: COVID-19 infection rate for medical personnel stands at 13%
60 273 coronavirus PCR testings were done in Georgia in the period of 30 January - 3 June
Health Minister: We'll be presenting a detailed strategic plan about upcoming measures for the next 4-5 months
Quarantine regime to be terminated in Tetritskaro Municipality
PM: companies which are launching new projects will be supported by state with 90% bank loan guarantee
First public review of new constitutional changes to be held today
Coronavirus: Georgia reports 1 new case, 4 recoveries
Occupied Abkhazia reports 7 new cases of coronavirus
Robin Wagener - With the law on "transparency of foreign influence", there will be no EU membership - No chance for that
Estonian Ambassador to Georgia - If we want EU membership, we should all play by the rules - The Georgian Government on the one hand says that they are moving closer to the EU, but their actions do not prove that