Irakli Kobakhidze: It takes at least 14-15 years to join the EU, therefore, there is no special urgency - we have an agenda and we will follow all the points
Irakli Kobakhidze: The technical and national consent Government are formed after the coup d'etat of the junta - Sigua, Kitovani and Ioseliani formed a technical government, now Makarashvili, Gigauri and Lomjaria want to do the same
Ana Natsvlishvili: Chinchaladze's election is a brazen ignorance of the situation in the country - the Council of Justice dares to take such a step only because the Georgian Dream supports it
The Public Defender calls on the Minister of Internal Affairs to take timely and effective measures so as no danger is posed to the organizers and participants of the Tbilisi Pride
The body of a tourist who was hit by mudflow was found in Pshavi
The High Council of Justice re-elected Mikheil Chinchaladze as the Chairman of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals
According to the Revenue Service, a Turkish-flagged ship carrying oil products of a company under international sanctions is leaving the port of Batumi with cargo
Lelo: If Georgian Dream refuses to participate in broad public consultations until July 3, our activities in the Parliament and City Assemblies can not continue as usual
Levan Bezhashvili: When Georgian Dream talks depolarization they mean that the opposition should mute itself, and when they talk de-oligarchization they mean that the leaders of the opposition are the oligarchs
Vice PM: The Prime Minister is particularly good at defending the interests of the country in this difficult situation - he will continue to work in his position
MIA: The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will take all appropriate measures to ensure that closed format events planned by "Tbilisi Pride" are held in a safe environment
Levan Davitashvili confirms that a cargo ship loaded with sanctioned company products entered the port of Batumi, however, he states that the customs authorities did not give consent to accept the cargo
PM: Georgian Dream achieved three key results within 8 years since signing the Association Agreement - free trade, visa-free regime and a European perspective
Irakli Gharibashvili: We have very cool economic growth, we expect double-digit economic growth in May - we will not allow any destructive force to hinder this process
Balcony collapse reportedly claims life of one person
Charles Michel: We are ready to grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to Georgia, once reforms have been addressed
UK and France in agreement over Ukraine support
Joe Biden: Putin has been counting on from the beginning that somehow NATO and the G-7 would splinter, but we haven’t, and we’re not going to
Nino Tsilosani: The President's veto was not a constructive step in the process of achieving the goal of depolarization
Giuli Alasania: I informed him of my visit to Brussels - In some cases, they knew our situation better than we did, their faces lit up as soon as they heard my son's name
Tbilisi Pride: We will not hold the March of Dignity, all events will be held indoors, we demand that the Government publicly state that it will protect all three events of Tbilisi Pride Week
Silk Road Group responds to businessman Leval Kacharava’s death
Ukraine recognises that membership of Nato is not feasible in the short term
Davit Zalkaliani presented his credentials to Joe Biden
According to Giga Bokeria, on the basis of a broad consensus, a so-called technical, interim Government should be formed and free elections should be called
Minibus and car collided in Kakheti, injuring 12 people, 9 of them foreign tourists
Sozar Subari, Mikheil Kavelashvili and Dimitri Khundadze leave Georgian Dream
Kelly Degnan: This is not the time when Georgia and Ukraine to be against each other, this is the time for these two countries to come together against the occupier of both of their countries
Nino Lomjaria: Irakli Kobakhidze’s statement indicates that the ruling team is not in a hurry in the European integration process and does not think that we are losing anything important, which is very alarming
PACE members: We are concerned about the health of former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, he urgently needs to be taken to a modern clinic
Salome Samadashvili: They are shocked in the West and expect nothing - Kobakhidze was also responded today from Europe and was told that Europe has no place for him
Kelly Degnan: The moment is here now for the Government of Georgia to work with all the stakeholders, including opposition parties, including civil society - that is a clear way forward to candidate status
Giorgi Vashadze: Kobakhidze is in no hurry, but we are in a hurry, the Georgian Dream has a deadline until July 3 and it is very important what answer we will get
Shalva Papuashvili: I think some parties are returning to the post-election situation - they are returning to the same absurdity when they themselves were the disconnectors and the polarizing factor
Kakha Kaladze: Talking about the formation of a Government of national consent is complete nonsense
Kakha Kaladze: The statement of the representatives of the PACE regarding Mikheil Saakashvili means nothing to me - the penitentiary system will do its best to ensure the health and safety of not only Saakashvili, but all prisoners
Elene Khoshtaria: Davit Iakobashvili is behind the entry of a ship with cargo of a sanctioned company in the Batumi port - this is directly related to Evtushenkov, who talked to Bidzina Ivanishvili on the phone and called him Borinka
Roman Gotsiridze: Kobakhidze's statement is anti-state and is based on a lie - candidate countries receive huge financial aid, there are 11 programs and a special fund in the amount of 14 billion euros for them
Shalva Papuashvili: Now it is important that words turn into action and we receive a clearer roadmap and plan for NATO membership
Shalva Papuashvili: The technical Government is nothing but another desire to seize power, bypassing democracy and democratic procedures
Toomas Hendrik Ilves to Irakli Kobakhidze: Europe has no place for you
GYLA chairman: Chinchaladze's appointment confirms that the "clan" power in the judiciary will be maintained and further strengthened
Georgia reports 1,058 new cases of coronavirus, 2 deaths from June 20 to June 26
Irakli Gharibashvili leaves for Madrid to take part in NATO Summit
Salome Zurabishvili: We will enter Europe if we are united and stop fighting against each other
Irakli Kobakhidze calls David Arakhamia “shameless, disgraceful man”
Irakli Kobakhidze: Salome Zurabishvili became President with the billboards of Bidzina Ivanishvili - she can spoil something with her statements, but she cannot spoil much, therefore, she can stay in her message box, which coincides with the message box of the National Movement
Ran Gidor: I think that Georgia forms an example for many other countries, especially in this region, about what can be achieved in a pluralistic society