Alan Gagloev: As the son of my homeland and the president elected by the people of South Ossetia, I fully support the unification of the Ossetian people with Russia
Anatoly Bibilov appoints referendum on unification with Russia for July 17
SSG: Mamuka Chkhikvadze, illegally detained in occupied Tskhinvali, was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months in unlawful imprisonment
Anatoly Bibilov: A referendum on the unification of South Ossetia with Russia will be held
Alan Gagloev leading in so-called "presidential elections" of occupied Tskhinvali
So-called presidential elections underway in occupied Tskhinvali
SSG: Kakhaber Merebashvili, illegally detained by Russian occupation forces near the village of Mejvriskhevi in ​​Kaspi, is free
The so-called checkpoint at the entrance of occupied Akhalgori, which has been closed since 2019, reopened for Easter
Vladimer Kaniashvili, illegally detained by the occupation forces, was released
Anatoly Bibilov: "South Ossetia" will join Russia as a separate entity - "Republic of South Ossetia - State Alania", when others turn their back to Russia, we go to them because it's our world
German Foreign Ministry: We do not recognize the constitutional and legal framework of the so-called "presidential elections" in Georgian breakaway region
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns "presidential elections" held by Russian Federation in Georgia’s occupied territory
Anatoly Bibilov: We understand that there will be a second round - elections were conducted in accordance with laws
US Embassy: Our position on Abkhazia and South Ossetia remains clear: these regions are integral parts of Georgia - no “elections” or a priori illegitimate “referendum” calling for incorporation of South Ossetia into Russia can change this
Office of the State Minister: In the conditions of numerous waves of ethnic cleansing, steps towards occupation and de facto annexation, the so-called elections do not express the will of the people and therefore lack a legal basis
Holistic, Tailored Solutions Place a Safer Climate Within Reach
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – Amidst Russia’s military buildup along Ukraine’s border, the U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership has to be amended to counter Russian aggression