So-called foreign ministry of occupied Abkhazia: The issue of early release of Irakli Bebua will not be considered
So-called Abkhazian foreign ministry: Georgian Parliament resolution on de-occupation and peaceful settlement of Russia-Georgia conflict is disconnected from reality
So-called Foreign Ministry: The Russian military presence in the Republic of Abkhazia, which bothered Vladimir Zelensky, is regulated by the bilateral agreements and does not concern the territory of Georgia, especially Ukraine
Zaza Gakheladze: I did not really expect that to happen. Thanks to God, thanks to our patriarch and our government, everything ended well
Zaza Gakheladze crosses so-called border, arrives in Tbilisi-controlled territory
Anatoly Bibilov pardons illegally detained Zaza Gakheladze
SSG representative: The issue of Zaza Gakheladze and Genadi Bestaev is the key issue at the Ergneti meeting, so that they can return to their families as soon as possible - there is some dynamics in this process
Due to the deteriorating epidemic situation, additional restrictions will be imposed in occupied Abkhazia
Two persons abducted from Akhalubani village by occupation regime are already on Georgian-controlled territory
Representatives of occupation regime kidnap two locals from Akhalubani village
Foreign Ministers of three EU Member States visit Administrative Boundary Line
Tskhinvali KGB: Gakheladze's family, with the support of NGO, is planning a rally near the “border” of the Republic, any provocation will be prevented within the law
Illegally detained Lasha Khetereli has been released
“Foreign Ministry” of occupied Abkhazia: By expressing support for Georgia's territorial integrity, NATO countries back what has finally ceased to exist as a result of the criminal actions of the Tbilisi
According to Irakli Antadze, the possibility is being considered for family members to visit Zaza Gakheladze
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – The implementation of the April 19th Agreement will assist Georgia to achieve its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations
A short letter regarding the approaching NATO summit and anticipating future summits