SSSG: Representatives of the Russian occupation forces illegally detained three Georgian citizens in the occupied territory, near the occupied villages of Zemo Artsevi and Otrevi
SSG: Alexi Adeishvili, who was illegally detained near the village of Akhmaj occupied by the Russian occupation forces, is free
In Abkhazia, it is planned to evict residents from the area surrounding the airport - part of the population does not agree with the decision
Alan Alborov: The issue of South Ossetia joining Russia is being discussed in close coordination with Moscow
The so-called court of occupied Abkhazia did not support the repeal of the law prohibiting the transfer of Bichvinta cottages to third parties
State Security Service: Giorgi Meladze and Dito Korinteli, illegally detained in the territory occupied by the Russian occupation forces, were released
Abkhazia’s so-called minister: I have never even seen this Khidasheli, and I know about Volski only from reports in the media - I have not had any negotiations with them
Russian occupation forces illegally detain Georgian citizen near Takhistziri village
Aslan Bzhania: We want good neighborly relations with Georgia
Aslan Bzhania: During the last few years, the Georgian government has been taking a pragmatic approach
Russian occupation forces illegally arrest two citizens of Georgia in the occupied territory near Knolevi village of Kareli municipality
Media: So-called ministry of foreign affairs of Abkhazia receives protest note from Russia’s foreign ministry regarding ratification of agreement on transfer of Bichvinta cottages to Russia
Two employees of militia department arrested for murder of Temur Karbaia in occupied Gali, third employee is wanted
SSSG: Petre Kalashnikov, who was illegally detained by the Russian occupation forces, has been released and is in the territory controlled by the central government
Russia to conduct "anti-terrorist exercises" together with occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali
Levan Dolidze - Instead of focusing on the steps that should bring us further progress, we are creating new barriers on the path to the EU