Another technical meeting to be held in Ergneti today
Occupation forces detain two persons
Tskhinvali occupation regime releases young Georgian man, detained for "illegal border crossing"
De facto foreign minister of "South Ossetia" not let in Austria
Co-Chairs of Geneva International Discussions call for immediate re-opening of all crossing points on ABL
State Security Service confirms detention of Georgian citizen near occupation line
Occupation forces detain young Georgian man in Gori Municipality
Hotline activated to transfer injuried citizen to Georgian-controlled territory from Akhalgori
EUMM : Presence of EUMM monitors near Atotsi village on 30 October was not a response to any specific incident
Irakli Antadze: The issue of provocative actions of the occupation forces in the forests near Chorchana and Tsagvli was strictly raised at Ergneti meeting
So-called South Ossetian "armed forces" brought into combat mode due to planned exercises
Yet another technical meeting to take place in Ergneti today
EUMM increases its patrolling to support stability in Chorchana-Tsnelisi area
Tskhinvali accusses EU observes of violiaiton of “border”
State Security Service: Such provocative statements are part of the misinformation campaign
Matthew Bryza  : That’s a big problem, the US President usually is not listening to his most senior advisers saying “pay attention to Georgia”