Occupied Abkhazia reports 100 new cases of coronavirus
Occupied Abkhazia reports 117 new cases of coronavirus
Occupied Tskhinvali reports 114 new case of coronavirus
144 new cases of coronavirus detected in Abkhazia
Tskhinvali says the criminal, who took people hostage in Bank of Georgia, has not crossed the so-called border of occupied Abkhazia
Occupied Tskhinvali reports 25 new cases of coronavirus
The so-called head of the administration of occupied Gali district states that the person who broke into Bank of Georgia won't be able to cross the so-called border
Another patient dies of coronavirus in occupied Tskhinvali region
Occupied Tskhinvali reports 9 new cases of coronavirus; all schools in the region will be closed down for 2 weeks
First patient dies of coronavirus in Tskhinvali
Anatily Bibilov tests positive for coronavirus
Occupied Abkhazia reports 93 new cases of coronavirus
Occupied Tskhinvali reports 30 new cases of coronavirus
Akhalgori governor says another person died due to lack of proper medical assistance in Akhalgori
Abkhazia reports 49 new cases of coronavirus
Head of ODIHR Election Observation Mission in Georgia, Jillian Stirk - I would remind everyone that it’s the integrity of the political process that’s at stake
By appointing a special manager, the Communications Commission is unlawfully appropriating the ownership rights to the company – Revaz Kopaladze
Paul M. Joyal - Georgia’s “Typhoon Misha” now a “Super Spreader”?