De-facto interior ministry : Abkhazia closed border with Russia
Occupied Abkhazia to declare state of emergency
Aslan Bzhania says he intends to reopen Sokhumi airport
Aslan Bzhania: Abkhazia and Georgia need a bilateral negotiating platform to address trans-boundary issues
Vladimir Putin congratulates Aslan Bzhania on winning the so-called presidential elections
Alkhas Cholokua: Aslan Bzhania leads Abkhazia’s presidential elections
So-called presidential elections underway in occupied Abkhazia
Occupied Tskhinvali seeks humanitarian aid from Russia
Aslan Bzhania suffers from polysegmental pneumonia
Supporters of Abkhazia’s so-called presidential candidate break into building of so-called cabinet of ministers
Demonstrators in Sokhumi allege Aslan Bzhania was poisoned again, demand resignation of so-called acting president
So-called presidential candidate of occupied Abkhazia hospitalized with  symptoms of poisoning
Gali residents restricted to enter the rest of Georgia until April 7
Tskhinvali de-facto regime closes all entrances to rest of Georgia
Occupation forces detain middle-aged man
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – It is essential to adopt the Strategy for Countering Hybrid Threats in Georgia
Proper disposal of medical waste can help us cope with pandemics