Ministry of Internal Affairs launches investigation into Marneuli incident
Pre-trial detention ordered for Rugby Union Vice-President
Prosecutor: Bachaliashvili's case includes audio-video recordings, where she talks about the possibility of ending her life in the forest by committing suicide
Police detains 4 drug dealers
Samgori election headquarters of the United National Movement has been raided
MIA has launched an investigation into the shooting at the Rugby Union
Two people killed during conflict near Dariali border checkpoint
Police arrests person, who called himself clergyman, for illegally obtaining secret of private life
Persons accused of attempted premeditated murder of Tsotne Gamsakhurdia sentenced to 15 years in prison
Investigation Service detains one person in Samegrelo on the fact of storage of a particularly large amount of goods without excise marks
Police detains another individual on charges of being involved in physical confrontation in one of the bars located in Tbilisi
Investigator sentenced to 3 years in prison in connection with death of 15-year-old teenager
Police arrests two drug dealers, seizes 1000 pills of Subotex
Prosecutor's Office: According to the conclusion of the examination, the amount of medicines in Bachaliashvili's body exceeds the established minimum lethal amount by hundreds
Ministry of Internal Affairs says cyber-attack was carried out by one of foreign special services
By appointing a special manager, the Communications Commission is unlawfully appropriating the ownership rights to the company – Revaz Kopaladze
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