PM: It is unfortunate that in some cases some people try to use human tragedies for political purposes
Foreign citizen arrested for killing police officer in Gori
Police officer killed in Gori
Giorgi Rurua remains in custody
According to court ruling, 17 defendants accused of being involved in Giorgi Shakarashvili's case will remain in preliminary detention
Rugby player Archil Gagnidze charged in connection with murder of football player Giorgi Shakarashvili
Lawyer presumes the person that allegedly abused juvenile is high official
17 individuals detained on suspicion of being involved in Giorgi Shakarashvili's case
Merab Turava becomes Chairman of Constitutional Court
Tbilisi City Court leaves Giorgi Rurua in custody
According to Giorgi Rurua's lawyers, the letter sent by MP Kakha Kutchava to the MEPs includes false facts
Giorgi Rurua: I welcome Parliament's decision and hope that the 8th March agreement will be fully fulfilled
Giorgi Gabunia says he had been followed for about two months
Giorgi Gabunia refuses to be interrogated at the State Security Service and will testify in presence of Magistrate judge
State Security Service denies any connections between yesterday's search and Vasambeg Bokov's case
Victor Kipiani - My recommendation would be to study thoroughly practical ways and requirements for joining the White House’s recently announced “Economic Prosperity Network”
Multi-purpose Dams and their Diverse Benefits