Ministry of Internal Affairs: Bank of Georgia attacker held 7 people hostage
Handcuffed attacker leaves Bank of Georgia
Bank of Georgia armed assailant arrested, hostages freed
Two hostages leave Bank of Georgia branch in Avlabari
Special operation underway in Bank of Georgia
Armed person breaks into Bank of Georgia, takes several people hostage
Ministry of Internal Affairs detains another person for the murder of Davit Saralidze
Three people accused of attacking journalist Vakho Sanaia remain in custody
Pre-trial detention ordered for businessman Davit Kodua arrested for abusing his wife and child
Nika Melia remains in detention
Nika Melia calls on his opposition colleagues not to compromise morally at the expense of his freedom
Nika Melia: Do you really consider yourself a judge? You will convict me, but history will acquit me
Nika Melia: This is an imitation of the court, let me go either to Rustavi or outside
Nika Melia’s trial underway in Tbilisi City Court
Nika Melia’s trial to be held today
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze - It is essential to accelerate Georgia's membership in NATO through the strong support of the US and other members of the Alliance.
Georgia and Its Main Strategic Partner: Marking New Principles in Relations?