Andrei Rudenko: We hope that the Georgian government has learned a lesson and after the stabilization of epidemic situation, it will be possible to discuss the resumption of air traffic
The Summer Olympics start in Tokyo today
Joe Biden nominates former US Ambassador to Georgia for the position of US Under Secretary of State for Management
US Department of State: Business and investment conditions are sound. However, there is an increasing lack of confidence in the judicial sector’s ability to adjudicate commercial cases independently or in a timely
Israel to add Georgia to countries that have high infection rates
US Senator Jim Risch states the Georgian government needs to better protect constitutional rights
MEPs: We strongly condemn yesterday’s violent attacks against civil activists, community members and journalists in Tbilisi, which regrettably forced the cancellation of the LGBTQI+ Pride March
Adam Kinzinger: I have been monitoring the violence in Tbilisi - I am committed to discovering who was behind the violence on the LGBT community
Czech Ambassador: Democracy in Georgia is at stake and all actors including Government must act with full responsibility
Foreign media responds to events developed in Tbilisi
OSCE/ODIHR: Each of the targeted attacks against activists and journalists must be swiftly and thoroughly investigated
WHO Head: Rich countries are vaccinating young people, while the poorest countries cruelly lack doses, our world is failing, just give us the vaccines
Ukraine expels Georgian “thief-in-law” Vato Kipiani from the country
Ukrainian Foreign Minister: I firmly believe that the best thing the EU can do to resolve the conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova is to deepen relations with all three countries as quickly as possible
Covid: Vaccines running out in poorer nations, WHO says
Dr. Khatuna Burkadze – The implementation of the April 19th Agreement will assist Georgia to achieve its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations
A short letter regarding the approaching NATO summit and anticipating future summits