Price of 1 dollar becomes GEL 3.3332
Dollar price becomes 3.1886
Dollar price becomes 3.0718
Securities amounting to 50 000 000 GEL were sold at Treasury Bill Auction
Dollar price becomes 3.0614
National Bank sells 20 million USD during Foreign Exchange Auction
According to Geostat's preliminary estimates, Georgian economy has shrunk 13.5% in May
Deputy Economy Minister: We're getting quite big loan in order for the budget to be ready for more difficult epidemiological situation
Koba Gvenetadze: Dynamics of money transfers is reassuring
Dollar price becomes 3.0393
29 650 000 Dollars sold out of 40 million USD which was put up for currency auction by the National Bank
Dollar price becomes 2.9562
Carl Harzell: Thanks to the open market economy and international trade, Georgia will become richer and more successful
Dollar price becomes 2.9841
Economy Minister: Economy will start to grow from 2021; however, this doesn't mean that every problem will be solved next year
By appointing a special manager, the Communications Commission is unlawfully appropriating the ownership rights to the company – Revaz Kopaladze
Ran Gidor - Making Peace and Winning the War Against Coronavirus