Chairman of the "Union of Oil Products Importers": There is no risk of fuel price increase

I want to tell you that there is no [risk] of fuel price increase, - Chairman of the "Union of Petroleum Products Importers", Vakhtang Iobashvili, said.

According to him, if the political influence did not affect the world oil markets, "nothing threatens us today".

In addition, according to Iobashvili's explanation, due to Georgia's good geographical location, there is no danger of fuel shortage in the country.

"I cannot agree that [fuel] can increase by 20 tetri, it cannot increase. Today we have no reason for that. The price of European and Russian products has been equalized, therefore, I want to tell you that there is no [risk] of any price increase. Moreover, [fuel] price increases depend on world oil markets. If the political influence did not affect the world oil markets, nothing threatens us today. In addition, we are not facing a shortage either. Therefore we can be calm. The oil market of Georgia is stabilized today and this stabilization will continue until something happens in the world oil markets. I repeat once again, Russian influence will not affect because, in fact, the prices are balanced. Russia had one plus, the transportation was much more acceptable for Georgian companies because it came in wagons, in particular to Gardabani, and the product did not need reloading or any additional costs. In fact, prices have leveled off in recent months. Nothing threatens us today. Some experts say that a deficit can be created, a deficit has never been created, and a deficit will never be created in Georgia because we have a good geographical location. European fuel in Georgia is currently saturated. All big companies even have their own stocks. I don't see any problem - we will not buy {fuel} from Ivan and we will buy from George, we will buy from Europe. Specific countries are, first of all, of course, "Rompetrol" (Romania), Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Greece. We will bring fuel from all the countries where it will be cheaper," said Vakhtang Iobashvili.

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