Natia Turnava: Our economy and banking-financial system withstood the existing external shocks and showed a fairly high resilience

Our economy and the banking-financial system, whose supervision and stability we are responsible for, have withstood the existing external shocks and have shown a fairly high level of resilience, Natia Turnava, Acting President of the National Bank, said.­

According to her, the main risk lies in external shocks and unforeseen factors, which may be a great pressure for any economy, including a small open economy like ours.

"No one will be surprised that we put external risks and shocks in the first place when evaluating various potential risks, because we have experienced two very significant shocks in a row.

The first was the covid pandemic, from which the recovery is practically complete. And the second big shock is the geopolitical tension, the Russian-Ukrainian war and the escalation in the Middle East. Both of these tragedies had a significant impact on our region, and it is very important that the financial system has withstood and demonstrated a high level of resilience in the face of these shocks. This gives us optimism that we will withstand similar shocks in the future," noted Natia Turnava.

The information is distributed by the National Bank.

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