An international tender was announced for the construction of the marine infrastructure of Anaklia port

According to the procurement procedures of the World Bank, an international tender was announced for the design and construction of the marine infrastructure of Anaklia port.

The Ministry of Economy disseminates information about this.

"The tender documentation is the so-called They were sent to the "big four companies" (Boskalis, DEME, Jan De Nul, Van Oord). These companies have rich experience in designing and manufacturing marine works. Significantly, a large share of the port's marine work comes from dredging, and these companies own 80% of the global dredging/dredging fleet. The expediency of sending the tender documents for the purchase of works to European companies ("big four") was revealed as a result of consultation with the international consulting company HAEDES B.V. The mentioned company was hired by "Anaklia Seaport" LLC for the purpose of timely, reliable and high-quality execution of works, preparation of technical tasks and selection and evaluation of submitted proposals.

A one-stage procurement procedure using limited international market approaches will be used for the said procurement. Invited bidders should submit tender proposals in technical and financial direction. The proposal that meets the requirements/selection criteria and has the highest total (technical proposal score plus financial proposal score) score will be declared the winner. The participants were given 45 days to ask clarifying questions regarding the tender documentation and to prepare (present) competitive tender proposals.

The technical and financial evaluation of the proposals submitted by the bidders will be ensured by the tender commission specially created by "Anaklia Seaport" LLC, together with international consultants. It is noteworthy here that, depending on the scale of the project and taking into account the relevant requirements, such purchases are distinguished in practice by the active involvement of foreign companies and a high degree of competition, which in tenders of a similar scale is determined by the procedures of international financial institutions and donor organizations, their standard conditions and qualification requirements, as well as the FIDIC- Use of construction contract conditions of that type.

"Anaklia Seaport" LLC, which was established by the state in 2023, has already carried out preparatory works for the construction of marine infrastructure (dredging, breakwater) - basic project documentation has been updated/created, a consulting company has been hired, which participated in the preparation of the tender documentation, and is currently participating in the announced In conducting the international tender, as a result of which the winner will be identified and the construction process of the marine part of the deep-water port of Anaklia will begin. Updating of documentation and certain works necessary for the port will be carried out in parallel with the selection of a private partner. As a capital contribution, a part of the land plots needed for the first phase construction works was given to "Anaklia Sea Port" LLC. The implementation of the Anaklia port project will help create thousands of new jobs, improve the socio-economic status of the local population, increase the competitiveness of the transport corridor passing through Georgia, attract new cargo flows through the territory of Georgia, as well as the development of production and logistics services in the vicinity of the port", the information says.

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