Nino Enukidze: As a result of the correct economic policy of the government, the 2023 privatization plan of state property was fulfilled by 100.2%

As a result of the correct economic policy of the government, the state budget received more than 279 million GEL from privatization in 2023. The National State Property Agency fulfilled the 2023 privatization plan by 100.2%, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Nino Enukidze said.

According to him, only in the fourth quarter, the amount of money transferred to the budget amounted to 98,295,953 GEL, which is 126.02% of the fourth quarter privatization plan.

"The agency conducted approximately 3,000 auctions, and the total amount of expected investment from privatized state assets amounted to 100 million GEL. The current result means that a significant part of the state property has already entered the economic turnover", said Nino Enukidze.

According to the explanation of the deputy minister, as a result of active privatization of state property, in 2023, the National Property Agency mobilized a total of 279,518,776 GEL.

"Next year, the National Property Agency will actively continue the process of accelerated privatization of state property and will offer various investment-attractive real estate to the private sector," said Nino Enukidze, whose comments are published by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

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