First public review of new constitutional changes to be held today

The public review of constitutional changes will be held today at 19:00 PM. The discussions will be televised.

According to the Chairperson of the Procedural Issues And Rules Committee, Guram Matcharashvili, the citizens will be able to ask questions to the members of the commission get answers in the live broadcast.

As it is already known, a commission has been set up to work on new constitutional changes.

"The live broadcast will be organized on 4 June. The Public Broadcaster will ensure the means for citizens to ask questions through the internet and they will be able to get detailed answers from the members of the commission", - stressed Matcharashvili.

Matcharashvli also stated that since the COVID-19 has changed the world the agenda was set according to the WHO recommendations, which advised for telecommunication rather than public gatherings for the review. According to him, the process for public review will last for one month.

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