President Zurabishvili wants Georgian diaspora to have its representative in Parliament

Georgia’s President Salome Zurabishvili voiced some important initiatives during the meeting with Georgian Diaspora in France. According to the President, due to the large number of citizens living abroad, it’s necessary the Georgian Diaspora to have its representative in the Parliament of Georgia.

“We will work together with the competent agencies on a draft of legislative amendments ensuring the election of Georgian citizens residing abroad. Similar practice exists in European countries, for example in Italy. The idea is: to set up one or more electoral districts (for example: Europe and the US), where the candidates living in this district will run. This is the only way for the elected MPs to defend your interests. No one can understand your words, interests and problems like one of you can it, who will be your representative in the Parliament. I hope that I will be able to persuade my colleagues on this issue," the President said.