Zviad Kvachantiradze steps down as Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Diaspora Issues

Zviad Kvachantiradze, Chairman of the Committee on Diaspora Issues, has resigned.

"When this issue was brought to a vote, I made a statement for the media about my decision to resign. I was going to submit an application on resignation at the bureau session, but they did not invite me”, Kvachantiradze said.

The ruling party’s initiative on the dismissal of Zviad Kvachantiradze, Chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Diaspora Issues, failed to gain the MPs’ support today. Kvachantiradze's dismissal was backed only by 67 MPs, while the quorum was 76. 8 MPs voted against. The majority was gong to bring the issue to a repeated vote later today.

The replacement of Zviad Kvachantiradze by Beka Odisharia has been initiated by the ruling party. Members of the parliamentary majority made the relevant decision at the Georgian Dream office yesterday.

According to the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Zviad Kvachantiradze's dismissal did not have any political ground.