Ministry of Internal Affairs installs crashed cars in the capital and regions as part of road safety campaign

The installation of crashed cars in the capital and regions was carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, - Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated at the presentation of the campaign today.

According to him, the aim of the campaign was to bring the public out of the comfort zone so that they could realistically assess the challenges related to road safety.

"We are stating with full responsibility that the main aim of our comapain called "For more lives" was to bring each member of the society out of the comfort zone. Of course, we were able to partly do that. I would like to thank all critics, as well as our colleagues, friends, and many other people who have criticized us, but this has not been our simple choice. We have always said that if we cannot see the objective reality, we will not have any chance of solving this problem," Giorgi Gakharia said.