Deputy Interior Minister arrives in Pankisi Gorge

Deputy Interior Minister Kakha Sabanadze has arrived in Pankisi Gorge, where locals clashed with police in protest against construction of Hydro Power Plant.

“We talked with the elders of [Pankisi Gorge], we'd like to meet in Telavi and talk about it, as you see, works have been suspended at this stage the, "said Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Sabanadze.

The Deputy Interior Minister urged the locals to calm and explained that otherwise, police would act in accordance with the law.

Locals of village Birkinia in Pankisi Gorge clashed with police as part of a day of protests against the construction of the Hydro Power Plant Khadori 3.

Several persons were injured after the law enforcers used tear gas and rubber bullets.

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