Trump to kick off bid for second term in Florida

Nearly four years after he launched his bid for the presidency at Trump Tower, President Trump will do it once again tonight, this time in Florida before a capacity crowd as he reckons with so-so polls and seeks to put his reelection bid on track.

The president’s rally, which comes less than 17 months before election day, will take place in one of the most crucial states on the 2020 map and as Democrats continue to smell blood in the water for next year. For now though, Trump is selling much of the same message that helped him win the White House nearly three years ago.

As Niall Stanage writes, Trump faces a major question: Does he continue to play the hits and talk about the same issues (immigration, trade and national security), or does he offer a vision for the future and for a second term in office? At the moment, the smart money is on the greatest hits, especially as he continues to keep tariffs and trade negotiations in the news, along with his push for border funding in the coming months as Congress debates a spending package.

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