Locals of Gugutiantkari concerned over possible erection of barbed wire fences

Representatives of the occupation forces have not showed up in the outskirts of the village of Gugutiantkari located along the dividing line in the Gori municipality for a second day, but the metal poles placed on the perimeter of the occupied territory a few days ago remain in place.

“The Russian and Ossetian soldiers have not showed up yesterday or today, but the poles remain in place. We are afraid that they will come in the next few days and install barbed wire. We have a problem even without the barbed wire - these metal poles can also be considered "borders", so we won't be able to move around the area," Tinatin Guguti, a resident of the village of Gugutianthkari, told InterPressNews.

Rusudan Kiladze, representative of the Gori municipality mayor, cannot say when the poles were installed in the area.

“It is difficult to say precisely when the poles were placed in the area. As you know, this place is directly at the dividing line, no one lives in the houses located there and therefore the movement of population is very rare”, Rusudan Kiladze said.

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