Occupation forces detain young Georgian man in Gori Municipality

Occupation forces detained a 28-year-old Georgian man on the outskirts of the village of Kveshi located near the dividing line in Gori municipality.

Zakro Butkhuzi’s family says that the young man was in the orchard on the outskirts of the village of Kveshi, when he was detained. The land plot adjoins the village of Zemo Artsevi, which is located on the occupied territory.

“My son disappeared from the orchard, which adjoins the occupied territory. Nobody has contacted the family so far. According to our information, my son has been taken to the occupied territory of Tskhinvali,” Gogita Butkhuzi, Zakro Butkhuzi’s father, said.

Tariel Vatiashvili, representative of Gori Municipality mayor, said the details of the detention are unknown.

“We have just been reported that the 28-year-old man was detained near the occupation line. There is no any eyewitness and I cannot talk about details. All relevant agencies have already been informed and we hope that the detainee will be released soon, ”Tariel Vatiashvili told InterPressNews.

Zakro Butkhuzi was arrested four years ago and was charged with “illegal border crossing” by representatives of de-facto regime.

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