Opposition leaders to discuss action plan today

According to Giorgi Vashadze, leader of the New Georgia, , the next meeting will be held in the format of the opposition today, where the opposition leaders will discuss new components of the action plan.

As Vashadze told reporters yesterday before the meeting with the ruling team, "much in the action plan will depend on what they hear from the authorities at the meeting." According to him, the government is afraid of public protest.

"We will have another meeting in the opposition format, where we will together discuss new components of the action plan. There are new dates. The next week’s session is very important, as the budget is to be discussed, and they are also likely to seek the termination of Nika Melia's authority and approval of judges, as well as new members of the Central Election Commission. They want to do all this next week, because they are afraid of public protest. As for the big date, the big date is related to the arrival of the OSCE/ODIHR report", - Vashadze said.

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