Minister of Infrastructure arrives in Gudauri together with new head of water supply company

The water company will have a new head, Giga Mandaria, who has several years of experience in the water supply industry, - Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Maia Tskitishvili said in Gudauri, where she arrived together with the new head of the United Water Supply Company.

According to Tskitishvili, the main reason for arriving in Gudauri is to plan how to solve the problem of water supply system for the 2020 season.

“Very active constructions are underway in Gudauri. Several blocks were added to the Redco settlement this year and they plan to further expand next year. This means a new challenge for us - to accelerate the pace of infrastructure development. Therefore, together with the new head of the company, we will plan how to improve water supply sysmet in Gudauri as early as the spring season,” said the Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister.

At the same time, Tskitishvili thanked the former director of the United Water Supply Company, noting that Eka Galdava did a great job. According to her, cooperation with Eka Galdava will continue within the Ministry.

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