Irakli Shotadze: The public saw very well how transparent the competition was

The public saw very well how transparent the competition was, - Irakli Shotadze said after being approved as Prosecutor General.

Speaking to reporters, Shotadze outlined the priorities for the coming years. According to the newly-appointed Prosecutor General, these priorities include strengthening the Prosecutor's Office, building public confidence, restoring justice, enhancing prosecutorial oversight.

“First of all, I would like to thank the Parliament and the Prosecutorial Council for their support. Thanks to the journalists for their active participation in this process, because the involvement of the media is very important for the public to see how the process is ongoing, and I think the public saw very well how transparent this competition was. I presented my programme, my vision for the development and strengthening of the Prosecutor's Office”, he said and added that there are many challenges and a lot is to be done.

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